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Stressed. Please help me, HIV risk ?

Hello Doc. I am a 27 year old male. I had visited Cambodia last week for tour. I was tempted into having sex with a prostitute. Here is what happened,  I first insisted on using a condom and asked her to put on a condom on my penis first and  I got a blowjob with condoms on my penis. Then I fingered her vagina and I made sure my fingers do not have any recent cuts or injuries before that. After that I had vaginal intercourse with condoms on and after some time I put on a second condom on the first condom.

However the intercourse sessions lasted for little more than a hour and the condom didn't break. I didn't kiss her and there was no mouth to mouth fluid exchange and I didn't suck on her nipples.Then I had sex on the shower with condoms on and then I ejaculated inside the condom.However my main concern are that the condoms didn't cover the full shaft of the penis as my penis is small and the condom didn't cover around 4 cm of the bottom shaft. Is there a cause of concern about this ? And when I had the shower sex is it possible that her vaginal fluid would have gone inside my condom when the water from the shower was showering on both of us and I had sex in the standing position where both of us were standing in the shower and having sex. After sex I made sure I washed my hand with soap then removed the condom carefully, there seem to be no hole on the first condom and both the condoms were intact except for the shaft region which wasn't covered fully by the condom. Do you think I have a possible HIV exposure by considering the prostitute may be infected with HIV before.And last what are the possibilities that when she was giving blowjob she may have put a small hole inside the condom. Thank you so much. I know I had asked too many questions. I am just worried that I may get infected when I read the condom instructions that condom is not 100% safe but will effectively reduce the STD's.And I don't know what it really means. And now I am having a sore throat.
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The overall risk of HIV acquistion from a female who already has HIV by a male having unprotected sex with her is 1 in 1000 per episode.

You used a condom.

If you do use a condom then you should use only one condom at a time. Using more than one condom will give rise to condom rupture.

It sounds though - irrespective of the condom slide that you were protected throughout the sex. I do not think you have been exposed to HIV.

Kind regards, Sean
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