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Tattoo scare

Hello doctor.
On 8/09 I got a tattoo at a guys house. 3 weeks later I developed a sore throat,stuffy nose and a headache. I also see a few white spots in my inner cheek. Im paranoid and scared I got hiv from the tattoo. I didn't see him open the needles and afraid if he reused the ink.  At 4 weeks I got a naat test and it was negative. At 10 weeks I got a elisa oral test and was negative. what are the chances of that test turning positive.? Are my test conclusive? I feel tired all the time, eyes feel heavy all the time and I got a rash that hurts between my legs . Please help
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Thank you for your post.
I believe that you can consider those negative test results conclusive.  First of all, there is no significant risk of HIV infection through using contaminated equipment.  This is extremely rare as the virus does not survive on equipment or needles.  However there is a possible risk, Hepatitis C.  People have become infected this way.  My advice to you is to get tested for this.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Last question doctor as I forgot to put in my previous post.
Why does my doctor say that I have to wait 6 months for a conclusive result.?
At how many weeks would you consider it conclusive?

Thank you and god bless.
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