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Very scared for my children

8 years ago I was taken advantage of by a club owner after drinking too much and my friends put me in the staff room to sober up. After it happened I was devastated and confused- blamed myself for putting myself in that situation. I later told my friend who told me that she heard a roomer that he infact had an std. 
I ran into this guy weeks later and decided to ask him if he had anything that I should be worried about and this is exactly what he told me- he said that he had HIV, but it can't be detected by blood tests and hardly anybody knows about this particular strain which he found out he had while he was overseas or something? I cant remember his exact "story" He said that I "probably wouldn't have got it as he's had a girlfriend for years and she hadn't contracted it" not to tell anyone because I would be locked up in a mental institution... He was a club owner heavily into drugs hanging around bad people and he scared me really badly. I spoke to a doctor about it shortly after- while I got a full blood and std test and the doctor said he was unaware of anything similar to what this guy was claiming and that he thought the guy was trying to scare me into keeping quiet about what had happened. Since then I have had years of therapy to get over it- multiple std checks, got married and have now had two children. All of a sudden it's crept back into my head and I'm freaking out over every rash or cold my children get thinking its HIV. I'm crying every night thinking i have given something to my husband and children. I have even had the kids tested for HIV which of course came back negative but that man told me it didn't come up in blood tests.  Has anybody heard of something like what that guy described? I just want this nightmare to be over!! I have pretty much exhausted all the testing here in Australia- but I'm wondering do I need to be venturing out for other testing or do I need to go back and start seeing my psychologist again :(
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Thank you for your post.
You need to try to calm down.  You need to forget about this incident and try to move on with your life.  I totally agree with what your doctor told you.  This guy was talking rubbish and he most probably trying to scare you.  None of the things he told you made any sense and you should not believe him.  You have not contracted anything, and you certianly do not have HIV.  You do not need any tests.  You need to see your psychologist again.  Ths symptoms of folliculitis are irrelevant and have nothing to do with this.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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I would also like to note that my 2 kids, husband and  myself all have a mild case of folicolitis- mine is more significant as I have had it on my arms and thighs since I was young- my husband now has it on his arms, my eldest on his arms and both kids a little on their side of the face
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Like Jose, I sympathise about the original event and the distress this man has caused you, but you do not have HIV, you do not need test and your family do not have HIV as a result of being infected by you.

This is all rubbish created by a vindicative man and designed to hurt you.

Try and put faith in your own doctor and to relax.

kind regards, Sean
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Thank you both for your reply- your words we're comforting and I hope (pray) that you are both right because my guilt/ fear is never ending.
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I'm sorry to continue taking up your time but I really can't seem to let this go. What if he was telling the truth and we could potentially be dying of this "virus" is it possible that it could be something only a few people (experts) are aware of? Is there a specialist HIV centre I should be talking to? I'm just so scared to let this go incase there was fact to what he said.. WHY would somebody tell them something like that if it wasn't true?
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I would also like to add that I have has a headache almost 80% of the time for 6 years, that I have little sores down my throat, I'm tired all the time and now I have lymphnodes in my neck that won't go down, my son has huge lymphnodes in his groin that have been apparent since he was a todler  and both of my kids have been sick with a cold that has hung on for a month- or even longer... I'm really, really scared that what this guy said was right and maybe nobody knows about it.
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