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What are my chances now?

Long story, So I'll be brief:

Back in March I briefly engaged in insertive anal intercourse with someone I had just met (I was the inserting partner).  The incident lasted five minutes and there was no fluid exchange nor was there any blood that I could see.  I found out about an hour afterward that he was HIV+ and had been so for the last five years.  In his words his HIV was "barely detectable".  I immediately went to the emergency room and was basically informed by a doctor that I had at most a 1% chance of testing positive for the virus.  I went to an HIV clinic the following morning 12 to 15 hours after potential exposure and was also given the same 1%.  Here I was given the option of being put on a PEP.  I took the treatment the entire 28 days.

Five months after March 1st, on July 27th (149 days after potential exposure) I went to another HIV clinic and had myself tested with the OraQuick Rapid test.  The results came back as NEGATIVE.  
I am worried about how I have been feeling lately since the negative result.  I have been experiencing some itchiness around my body: chest, arms, head and face that are NOT accompanied by a rash.  Also, I have been feeling slightly congested, somewhat with a slight cough due to the congestion as well as sneezing often.  Also, a small red bump has appeared on my wrist that has been itching for the last two days on and off and I have been reading that wrist rash may be a sign of HIV infection.

What I need help with is an answer as to whether or not the Quick Test was accurate enough in my case, and after 5 months, if there is really anything I should be worried about considering my currently conditions listed above.  I am going to follow up with a blood test at 180 days, but needed the closure, so I went for the quick test but now I am obviously having second thoughts.

Any help or advice in this matter is greatly appreciated.
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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our HIV forum.
After reading you story, I can conclude with total confidence that you are HIV negative, that you did not get infected during this episode and that you do not need to have any further tests.
You n eed to move on and consider yourself lucky that you did not get infected.  However it should be a lesson.  Make sure that from now on, you aways practice safe sex!!
Best wiehs,
Dr José
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