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What is the truth?

Hi Doctors,

I had a high risk exposure unprotected anal sex with me being the receiver with an unknown HIV status male. Not sure if there was an ejaculation. The male said to me he is healthy but he gave me others STDs. I have two 4th HIV tests in 6 weeks and in almost 8 weeks (two days out).
Thought the result were conclusive but in this forum mr Teak confirmed that that the tests are not conclusive in a rather assertive way which seems he knows what he is talking about.
What is the official / doctors position on this. Do I need to re-test. UK says 12 months, France six weeks. What shall we beleive?
I can't beleive that there is not a clear approach.
Looking forward to your advice.
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Good Morning, I work here at Freedomhealth and also as a specialist HIV physician at a big London teaching hospital. I can say to you quite clearly that the two fourth generation tests you have had are absolutely certain and you do not have HIV. With all due respect to anyone else giving you advice they are wrong. You did have a foolishly high risk exposure - what on earth were you thinking? why didn't you use a condom for goodness sake? - but despite the foolishly high risk exposure and the fact that you had other STD's you are in fact conclusively HIV negative. I have spent my entire life caring for and identifying HIV positive people and I am absolutely categoric that 1) you are proved HIV negative and 2) other parties giving you advice to the contrary are wrong. In the UK the Health Protection Agency has set 4 weeks using an HIV DUO (4th generation HIV test) as the benchmark. If and only if there is a particularly high risk exposure and there are supporting symptoms such as rash, very very high fever and very very sore throat then they advise retesting at 1 to 2 weeks after the event using a further HIV DUO. If thats negative you're negative and I agree. Where you got your UK 12 months from I have no idea. I have no idea what happens in France. I can say that in all my travels and contacts in the USA - I was there only a few weeks ago at a big HIV conference in New York, all my colleagues there would agree with what I have said. As I say, with all due respect to non medical assistors, the fact is you are HIV negative. Always always use a condom unless you actually want HIV which I would not recommend.
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Thank you Doctor,

I know it was silly encounter but on the heat of the moment stupid things happen.

Last question, between the two tests I took a course of acyclovir tablets three a day to treat herpes and I have read that this drug is used as HIV treatment when on HAART, do u think that this would make the second test invalid due to the fact that potentially could work against viral load and the form of antibodies?
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Hello again - no aciclovir is NOT used as an HIV treatment. It is often used to treat herpes during HIV but never alone. It will not have any impact on the validity of the tests. Yes I know silly things happen in the heat of the moment but please please please be very ccareful. You do NOT want HIV and unprotected penetrative sex is the best way to get it - be careful young man! Merv
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i almose read the entire hiv forum n i love the way how Dr . Mervyn
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the way how Dr . Mervyn  answer
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Yea I agree
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Dear Doctor

Can I please ask you a few more questions?

1. Is it truth that when you co-infected with syphilis and HiV from the same episode the body fights syphilis first and then HiV so HIV teats take more time to show a positive result?

2. Is it truth that the 4th gen test after six weeks has limitations because the antigens may have dripped ro undetectable level and before antibodies developed? According to 3 studies quoted by aidsmap...

3. Would you consider a penile rush at the top of the penis early symptom (ARS)

4. Are all the 4th gen used by NHS as good as the ones uses by private clinics as yours?

Thank you
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Hello Doctor,
Do I have to pay again so you can answer my last post?
Thank you
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