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Worry about HIV

I had many sex exposure in Tanzania mostly with Condom, once in end of decembre the Condom went broken in anal exposure with a man). in another occasion towerd end of Jan (around 25) the condom went off while i was getting out.
The last Sex i had was on Feb 8th without any major concern in condom ,although she calimed that she is negative but she is a csw and understand that in east Africa money is most important.

I have done the follow test;

Feb 15 Rapid test negative
Feb 19, i had a very bad stoamach pain and serious infection descibed by Viral infection in stomach by the doctor.
I started to worry and reading on internet and get all the symptms of HIV. my tounge turns white etc...

My doctor took the following action;
on March 3 (23 days) i took a PCR (Quantitaive),p24 and Rapid test all negative
Rash starts to appear on march 9th and started to get worreid, doctors described as reults of anti biotaic
on March 20 (nearly six weeks), i took another PCR, Elisa and anti body test and all turn negative.
The doctor conformed to me thathe is 300% sure that i am HIV negative. I have expalined that my wife is undergoing IVF and that i will need to donatespirm to here, he said you should do this without worry. he explained that most of the advises are old and the reality with those tests are 6 weeks protocol which he followed. ras the family doctor and freind i trust his openion.

The IVF and donation were done on march 30.Here is the fun, on april 26 my wife start to get a flu symptoms (no temp, mild throat,caugh and general fatige) . i am dying and do not know what to do, worried that my wife had this due to an exposure with me. although the weather is getting hot and with AC you can have a flu this days

I do not know what to do. what are my chances?
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You are correct to worry about the condom accidents but when a condom is used and remains intact and on then there is no prospect of HIV infection.

HIV prevalence - the numbers of people affected in a population - in sub-Saharan Africa is 3.1 % males and 6.2% in females approximately so the prospect of an encounter with an HIV positive person in this environment will be high. In sex workers it will be much higher.

The tests you have had do confirm that you have not contracted HIV. There are other diseases apart from HIV including chlamydia, chancroid, gonorrhoea, syphilis and others and so you should be sure you have been checked for all of these before resuming sex with your wife.

Because your HIV tests are negative and assuming you have not had further exposures apart from the ones you mention then your wife cannot have acquired HIV from you.

kind regards, Sean
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