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a seven week combo test

9 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex with a girl I didn't know. 4 hours later I had a white tongue so I went into panic and got tested for everything at 10 days negative. Since which even with medication I still have a white tongue that has a thick yellow coloured mass at the back amid raised bumps which I have to scrap off every day. I had a ag/ab combo test at 42 days - reading 0.34 - negative, then again at 48 days - reading 0.38 - negative. At 7 weeks I started to get a very sore throat - that I still have, I smoke which I know wont help but as I said my throat is sore. My questions are:
1. How much faith should I put in my results at 7 weeks, and why?
2. Why did my readings rise over 6 days?, and should I be concerned that they did?
3. Based on my incident what is my risk of contracting HIV?
4. If not HIV then what else could this be?, and why is it nearly impossible to get rid off?
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Welcome to our forum and thank you for your post.
Did you receive the oral sex or did you perfrom it on this lady? or both?
Either way, there is no real risk of HIV infection and in any case you would not have symptoms of HIV only after four hours of a possible infection.  If you only received oral sex, the symptoms you are experiencing in your tongue do not have anything to do with this encounter.  However if you did performed oral sex, you might have contracted oral thrush or even a different STD such as throat/mouth Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea.  Let me answer each of your questions here as follows:
1.) Fully conclusive.  You are HIV negative, no doubt at all whatsoever!
2.) The results are negative and that has no clinical significance.  It is the way the test is expressed. We do not use those readings in the UK, but I can only assume that it is considered non-reactive or negative when levels are below a certain reading.  In any case, all this is irrelevant as you did not put yourself at risk and the symptoms are not consistent with HIV.  You are HIV negative, I repeat!
3.) zero.
4.) Smoking could be a factor, but as mentioned above it could also be a mouth/throat STD if you also performed oral sex.  This needs testing with a throat swab and treating appropriately, if this was the case.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Thanks Dr Jose,
I have been in pure panic mode since this incident, I have had so many symptoms (20+) including swollen glands etc and was convinced this was hiv. I lost nearly 2 kg in weight which luckily I have started to put back on. I am due to get a endoscopy and biopsy done of my throat in the coming weeks with a specialist - should I also get another hiv test done?,
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