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chicken pox vs acute hiv rash

4 days ago i woke up with bumps in my chest and back.  now they have spread all over my face, scalp, chest, back and scattered in other areas of my body. I never got it as a kid and family doctors says chicken pox but does not know anymore details.

62 days ago i had oral and vaginal sex with a Sex Worker.  I know i wore a condom but i was highly drunk and can't recall if there was a failure.

1) does chicken pox ressembles the accute hiv rash?
2) 62 days after exposure still under window to develop accure hiv rash or is it too late?

thanks for the reply.

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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.
Chickenpox is characterized by itchy maculopapules that evolve into vesicles over hours to days, then eventually form crusts. Typical lesions first appear on the trunk and face and rapidly spread to involve other areas.  HIV can also cause a non-itchy maculo-papular rash, similar in appearance, but mainly localised to the trunk and upper limbs; it does not crust over either.  it would normally appear sometime between 2 and 6 weeks after the infection (between 14 and 42 days), not lasting more than 1-14 days, and almost always accompanied by a high fever and a severe sore throat with general malaise.
In summary, I do not believe that your rash is related to acute HIV sero-conversion as it is very late after a possible exposure, that seems to be of no risk or extremely low risk.
Best wishes,
Dr José

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thanks doctor,
i have the bumps all over my body and face and still no itching... i now its a low risk event but im about to go crazy.  also, timing of the events its almost scary.
i also don't recall being in contact with anybody that had chickenpox...
thanks for your answer.

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