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condom broke and risk of HIV


Yesterday, I had intercourse with a female sex worker in Bangalore, India. I was wearing the condom and inserted my penis in her vagina.

After 10-12  strokes (not lasting more than 45-60 seconds), I noticed from eye sight that the condom was not right and I removed the penis out and noticed that the tip of the condom was broken and my penis head was fully exposed. Therefore, my penis head was fully exposed inside her vagina close to 1 minute. I asked her if she had any STDs, she told me no and she was clean and told me not to worry.
I am now very paranoid and cannot think about anything else but the fear of HIV.

Please help me understand the chances of me getting HIV and when should I take the HIV test.

Thanks in advance and I really appreciate your help.
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I'm sorry to hear of your situation. The overall chances of acquiring HIV from a female partner through vaginal sex are something around 1 in 1000 with completely unprotected sex.

In your case you had a condom on for at least part of the time so overall I would assess the HIV risk as possible but unlikely. You will need to test to be sure.

As far as other STD's are concernd - diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea are much more likely so you should be tested fo these as well.

kind regards, Sean
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