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hiv chances

Dr Sean
Sir,I had a unprotected sex with a sex worker due to condom break, i found it after sex over. Its almost 35 days ago. Just after exposure, i started Truvada once a day after   approx. 6 hrs from exposure. On next i tracked sex worker for testing elisa hiv thats come back negetive. I completed 28 course of truvada. LFT,KFT are normal that done after 32 days of exposure, but CBC having high lavel lymphocytes 49.3% and low Eosinophils .90%. I am feeling nuasea, minor diorhea and weight loss 7 kg, loss appetite, taking antivommiting pills.
My question is my cbc report is due to hiv
And what are my for hiv after this cbc
I am male 35 yrs from India hipatitas b immune and sex worker was Georgian near to Russia
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I think I've answered this question already on the Freedomhealth site but just to say again that a CBC is not of any use in diagnosing HIV infection.

PEP should be a combination of three different HIV medications. Truvada is a combination of two and as such truvada alone is insufficient.

I would test using an HIV DUO test along with an RNA PCR at 2 weeks after completing the truvada. If these tests are negative then it is likely that you are HIV negative but you should test again at a further four weeks and finally at 3 months after completing PEP.

Kind regards, Sean
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Sir can you calculate my hiv chance in fig. 1/???? With the following
As sex worker tested for hiv1 & 2 p24 that was negetive after a day to exposure.
I am in Delhi(hiv prevalence .25%)and indian but she was Georgian.
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Sir can you calculate my hiv chance in fig. 1/???? With the following
As sex worker tested for hiv1 & 2 p24 that was negetive after a day to exposure.
I am in Delhi(hiv prevalence .25%)and indian but she was Georgian.
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Sir Also taken Synthivan(cipla) But stop after six tablet due to get juandice (liver enzymes ok)
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Sir I get test report for hiv1/2 and p24 that was .09( non reactive) negetive after six week from exposure. Can you predict conclusive ness for the test in considration with pep Truvada 28 days.
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I had high risk exposure with a girl in October-2013 and oral unprotected and condom protected sex with different girl in dec 2013, after 2 days after the oral sex gentile itching and light penile discharge that's exist for 1 week, within a week itching spreaded  all  over body like mosquito bite but I didnt see any bumps on skin, the day 6 mouth was very dry and low grade fever,feet was so hot to touch and i realized something went wrong, went to urologist asked for testing all std including hiv .. Negative..
Day 6-150(5month)till now Continuous low grade fever (97.7-99.2), feet and hands were hot touch white tongue,
Day 6-120 excessive gas, stomach sounds;
Day 20-60 shooting pains, muscle pains, joint pains ( these days I was cry everyday)
Day90-150  beau line on nails
Day90-150 swollen lymph nodes armpit(light pain and so uncomfortable), neck, groin;
Day60-150 on off  high sorethroat
Dry mouth
Went so weak and also have collar bone pain;
Skin rash on shoulders; I have been to two ID doctors for  ongoing symptoms, they didn't help me but they just write for  lab testing; that's it; all std include hep-b,c negative at 4 weeks;
Come to my hiv testing , I have tested hiv pcr RNA quant(quest dia) 6,16 weeks not detected, hiv eia antibody(labcorp, quest dia) 2,8,16 weeks negative, Ora quick hiv home swab test 4,8,12,15, 20 weeks negative;

Compare with  high risk exposure and symptoms that more looks like hiv, so I have continuously tested for lot hiv tests listed above with so anxiety and I am crying everyday because of done blunder mistake in my life and I always regrets in my life, life never come back once we loose it.

Due to continuous symptoms(low grade fever, swollen lymph nodes, shooting pains) do I need more hiv tests to confirm 26 weeks??

Can we trust the results ?

What other std tests do I needed sir??

What std can cause all these symptoms ??

Suggest me What do I need
to do get away from al the symptoms

Please please help me.
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