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hiv rash

Dear Sir,

I had an exposure on the first of match 2012. Id say i was unprotected when the condon split for 2 - 3 seconds as i heard it pop. I withdrew and applied a new Condon. Also the lady in question ejaculated quite heavy and i may have had a cut on my small finger and some may have touched it. This cut was not bleeding etc. Approx 2 - 3 days later i expierence a rash that seem to affect the left side of my neck and maybe around to the middle. It became quite itchy and last for exactly 3 weeks. During this period there were no other hiv sysmptons. I am quite worried that I contracted hiv and am very scared. Is this a typical hiv ars rash..most sites say if a rash appears its usually 2 - 3 weeks after infection takes place. Is this true and does there usually be other sysmptons too..would appreciate your honest answer on the above doctor if a) this sounds likes ars rash and b) some sites say al over body rash..what exactly is all over? C) what does it look like. Man thanks in advance for your answer Doctor.
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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.
Firstly I would like to say that your sexual encounter can be considered low risk from the poitn of HIV infection: uknown status of the lady, condom breaking, and short exposure.  Let me answer each of your questions here below:
A)  No, it is not consistent with acute sero-conversion as symptoms started far too early.  The rash would only occur after at least 2 weeks form the exposure, together with a high temeprature and a severe sore throat.
B) The rash is located mainly in trunk and arms.  It does not itch.
C)  It is maculo-papular, like many other viral rashes.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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as a further point to the above..the itch on the neck was more like 5 - 7 spots rather then an all out rash..
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i was need it
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