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hiv results

Hi doctor,

Hope u can help. I previously posted on the hiv site and got great advice from Dr. Hhh. Last month I had sex with an African prostitute in Ibiza. Due to being intoxicated I can't remember every detail and was worried I if I had a condom on throughout. Regret the whole event. To be safe I went to my local gum clinic and had a full screen including hiv test 4th generation at 29 days. All have come back negative. To confirm does this cover both hiv 1 and 2 ( should hiv 2 be a concern) and is the 28 day 4 th gen good enough to move on. Do I need further testing ?

Thanks in advance
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Window for Hepatitis B & C is 90 days, HIV 4th generation if Lab based (and not quick one) even earlier then 90 days (6-8 weeks). Take a lab based 4th geneeration HIV test after 8 weeks and then you can relax.
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Can you help me? I don't know how to ask questions to a doctor on her ( new account)
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29 days in conclusive for 4th gen.
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