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hiv scare

I slept with a man unprotected who was sleeping with sex workers before me but he said he was always protected but as of late I have noticed he lied bout a few things such as he said he was tested over 4 weeks ago but refused to let me know the results now he's saying he wasn't tested then and has only recently done it but isn't very nice to me about it basically he don't want nothing more to do with me and says I should be tested myself if I want results which I have had 2 tests at 4 and 5 weeks (nearly at the 6 week mark now) which were the hiv 1 and 2 with the p24 antigen test which were both negative but now I am freaking out because I had a sore throat over a week ago but still have swollen glands and pretty sure I can feel a lymph node in my neck near the top of my chest and also have a stiff neck but not sleeping great atm I also had a little spot thing in my armpit where a hair was which did pop and stuff came out with a bit of blood but a lymph node was there aswel as the spot but the spot has gone but the node hasn't, went to the docs she didn't really say much apart from if it hasn't gone in two weeks come back and I also have a cold.. No high fever that I know of have been talong my temperature a few times a day and always seems normal even though I do feel hot to touch on my forehead but I don't get night sweats or haven't had a rash that I have noticed but doc did say I have a mild sinus infection but my throat glands are rather big and I'm seriously freaking out that it's seroconversion.. I am a mum to two beautiful babies but my anxiety is taking over me.. I'm pushing ppl away I have another test at 6 week's, spoke to a health advisor and they have said I should take my negative results at 4 & 5 weeks as a good indicator of being hiv negative and where I am so stressed out & have severe anxiety over this that I could be open to viral infections such as colds and sore throats.. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance
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You had negative HIV DUO tests at 4 and 5 weeks. These establish beyond doubt that you are HIV negative.

kind regards, Sean
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Thanks Dr but what if I am seroconverting now and wasn't when I had them tests?
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Also these were not done at a gum clinic but they were done through Chelsea and Westminster home hiv test kits where I prick my finger and send the sample of to a lab are these accurate even though they are the same tests that are done at my local gum clinic??
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Was tested at exactly 6 week's after exposure and again was negative the health advisor at the clinic/hospital said I don't need to retest at 3 month's is this correct? It's just I now have a chest infection following my sinus I infection
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Please Dr most ppl on the community forums say 3 months is aaccurate not before I was getting over until I heard this
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If you are that worried go to the gum and get a rapid response test, 20 mins and u will know for sure. Please don't worry, what a horrid man refusing to share the results, no wonder your so worried but I think after those tests you did you should be fine, I work for a HIV charity and I am HIV its called sahir house we have branches within London also Terrence higgans trust if you don't fancy the hospital.
Good luck xxx
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Thankyou for your reply but I am told by the health care professional at the hospital I don't need further testing and my 6 week test was conclusive but I'm still having all the symptoms and having reoccurring sinus problems and when I rang up last to again ask if the 6 week test was defo conclusive she got quite Sturn and said I do not need further testing the test I had is reliable at the time I had it and I need to move on from this.. This was at my local hospital contraception department.. I want to believe them but I'm just so scared :( I'm not ten weeks post exposure
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