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hiv test and reliability

Hi Dr Sean. i posted in hiv prevention and i would like to listen to your advise also. i had a single episode sexual encounter with a sex worker (unprotected vagina). 4.5 weeks or 32 days later i was tested with elisa method which i think it was second generation. I was negative for hiv but sadly i was diagnosed with herpes 2. I had since suffer from serious anxiety. At 7 and 8 weeks later i tested negative again but this time with a self test kit ez trust. i was by the doctor in hiv prevention forum that a negative result on 8 weeks is a strong evidence i did not contract hiv. but i am not convinced with the of test i am using. Although its a usaid approved but the test is not approve by fda. i am so worried. i really hope you enlight me in this situation.
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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.  I am afraid that it is going to be me answering your question, and not my colleague, Dr Sean.
It is certainly quite unfortunate that you had contracted herpes type 2 in this unprotected sexual encounter.  The negative test that you had at 8 weeks is certainly highly reassuring and a very good indication as it is possible to detect the HIV antibodies already at that stage.  However current UK guidelines still recommend to have a final test at 12 weeks for it to be considered final and fully conclusive.  Having said all that, and speaking out of my own clinical experience, I have never come across anyone testing negative at 8 weeks and then positive at 12 weeks.  Therefore I am very confident that you are HIV negative.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Guessc doctor Sean is a very busy man. but i shall patiently wait for your reply.
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Hi Sir. I just done a research on this test kit. it is actually the similar product of those available in uk LABPRO at www.hivkits.co.uk and which approved by usaid and uk authorities.
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Hi doc. I am very happy to have you reply on my thread. however should i trust kits like labpro or ez trust which are usaid approved?

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