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kidney discomfort

About 6 weeks ago I had protected sex with some one I just met.On pulling out my condom remained in her.There may have been contact with fluids for 30 seconds.
I feel perfect.However,1 week after i started having discomfort in my right kidney as if contisipated.In the past whenever I get discomfort i take a laxactive and the discomfort goes.
I am presently on a 3 week colon cleanser .I go ff 2 times per day yet I still have discomfort.

Can the kidney be affected within weeks of hiv infection?
Do you think I need to worry?
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It seems to me to be very unlikely that you would have HIV from the contact you describe - as the intercourse was protected - and of course the status of the lady concerned is not known but probably (because most people are HIV negative) she was HIV negative.

Your abdominal pain seems even more unlikely therefore to be related to the intercourse in any way - so I would suggest that if you continue to have discomfort you should visit your doctor and discuss the abdominal pain with him or her.

If you remain concerned about HIV then taking a 4th generation HIV DUO test at this point will give you a clear and accurate answer.

kind regards, Sean
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