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risk of HIV

Dear Doctors,

I had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex at a massage parlour in Nevada. At one point my penis touched the her vagina (unprotected) for a moment but did not penetrate.  3 weeks after exposure i developed balanitis and an ache in my groin. Doc prescribed neomycin cream but did not perform and std tests execpt bloods for HIV. 1 week later balanitis had gone but ache persists and has been gradually been getting worse. Full std check after 4 weeks exposure Ache is now all over groin, somtimes shooting down legs, perineum and under buttocks.
After a heavy weekend of drinking i developed a cold and tickly cough. Cold went after 2 days, cough after 2 weeks. Glands in neck are now extreamly uncomfortable but not sore.
HIV and all STDS negative after 3 weeks. retest all STD and negative after 6 weeks but not tested again /
Glands in neck and groin still raised and uncomfortable.
Going for HIV test tomorrow.

1 - what are my chances of having HIV? was 3 weeks not long enough to incubate even though I had groin lymph discomfort and balanitis?
2. would the balanitis be caused by a virus other than HIV?

I am extreamly anxious about everything. Any thought would be greatly appreciated.
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I am so sorry that we've been delayed - as Vance2335 says - we've been simply run off our feet and unfortunately we've seen lots of very unwell people in the last month. I do apologise.

I've looked in extra detail at your post and I do not believe you are HIV positive. Balanitis is often caused by lots of different bacteria and one of the common causes of balanitis is poor or inadequate hygiene. You need to retract the foreskin, wash with a mild soap and plenty of water underneath the foreskin and over the head of the penis and then dry it thoroughly. Repeat twice daily. If you can't fully pull back your foreskin then see your doctor about either circumcision or a procedure called frenuloplasty.

In any event you should have a bacteriology swab taken to see what bugs are present.

I do not believe that HIV is a contender at all.

best regards, Sean
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UPDATE - 30 y/o male

ORAQUICK HIV 1/2 TEST taken - result = NEGATIVE @ 8 weeks.

`i have had swollen glands for 6 weeks in my groin and 3 weeks in my neck. Does this mean that antibodies have been produced, hence the swollen glands? Would this realistically be enough time to produce antibodies as I am other wise fit an healthy?

Going for blood test tomorrow.
Please Doctors, can you reply to this question as soon as possible.
Many thanks.

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You have to be patient, I read a responce from Dr. Sean and he said they have been very bust at Freedom Health lately.
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Dear Doctor C,

a urethral swab was taken on 2 separate occasions and cultures grown. My doctor where I live is unable to give results over the phone and `i am unable to go in in person as away on business. He told me over the phone that they would call if there were ' abnormalities' and to enjoy my trip so assume nothing untoward was found.

I saw a local Dr recently who informed me that my glands are not swollen. I still however have discomfort and pain the in the groin and neck.
`what could be causing pain but no swelling in the neck and groin? I know this is a big question but can you think of anything that would relate specifically to my case?
- could it be some other virus or bacteria?

`i am grateful for any light you can shed on this.
best regards,
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I saw my GP today and he said `i had 'shotty' lymph nodes in the rear of my neck. He did not have any explanation for my groin. He has given me antibiotics as my throat is a little red.
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