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still need to test?

I am currently very worried about my HIV status. I would like to receive your opinion about my chances to be positive.

I had an unprotected (broken condom) event on 12th of Jan 2014. Unfortunately the lady was also bleeding and I was the active part in an oral session too. So there was definitively a risk as I do not know here status. In worst case she was freshly positive with a very high viral load.

I took a VIKIA 1/2 rapid test 5 weeks later (negative)

very normal haemogramm 5 weeks later.

Rapdi test (unknown brand) 6,5 weeks later negative

same day HIV-1 RNA PCR (abbot real time, subtypes M, N, O and P )negative

At 8 weeks a screening test CMIA includingP24 antigen - also negative.

After 5-6 weeks I was facing flue like symptoms like, fatigue, sore throat, weight loss (3KG)

After 7 weeks a dry cough started which is still present (@ 9th week) still feeling weak and fatigue.

Of course some symptoms can also be caused by the extreme stress I am currently facing plus a common flue which is currently present everywhere around me. But I have never been sick for almost 3 weeks.

I know that the RNA test is not approved for diagnosis of HIV due to several reasons (false positive, elite controllers, costs) but can I assume that in my case the test must had been positive in case of a “fresh” infection?

Does my thallassemia minor influence the creation of antibodies? I read that modern test should be conclusive at 8 weeks in case the immune system is not harmed (eg. miss use of alcohol, medicine after transplantation, cortisone etc.) Is that correct?

Do the above mentioned test assure that I am not infected so that I can return to my normal life and also have unprotected sex with my wife again?

Would a test at 9,5 weeks make any difference? I can definitely not wait till the 12 week mark.
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You can definitely relax about all this. The tests you have had establish quite clearly that you are HIV negative from this episode.

The RNA test together with the antibody/p24 antigen test show that you are HIV negative and that you do not need to test again for this.

kind regards, Sean
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also a white tongue sice 3 weeks
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I have almost the same but sex warker was found hiv negetive p24 hiv test. I stared pep for 28 days just after 6 hrs. Weight loss 7 kg, sore throat minor, appetite loss may due to depression. But appetite come back. White tounge go back by cleaning it. No tested for hiv as pep may delay hiv. Its gone almost 5 week 5 days.
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