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strange situation

Dear Dr. Sean,

      Primarily a salute and congratulate you on your work . Really sorry for my Bad english, im writting you from South America. this was my strange situation:  three days ago I was in the gym, and after hitting me against a machine, a crust of a semi- shallow wound of some days ago, it fell  and start to bled ( the wound was at my knee, and a drop of blood ran me at almost my ankle ) then i stopped the bleeding with my towel for almost 30 seconds. But just at that moment (for reasons of bad luck or fate) a person that i know  from the gym since some months ago , in a typical immature/child not funny attitude, step in front of me and his finger touched intentionally my wound alluding " you are bleeding " causing me of course much hassle. Immediately i confront him and could see that his finger had no injuries , although i note is that he also had a scrape on the knee but with no signs of blood or open wound , were like dried crusts (i dont know if he touch his wound/crusts before he touched me) .

    In the worst scenario (which obviously is rounding my head) HIV can infect someone this way? I think that i do not want to confront the person again about the incident,because if i ask him if he have HIV or other disease, he  can tell to the other person at the gym that I'm crazy. what do you think about all this? as data i do not know his health status ,it's just a guy who trains there for months... i have to worry about this situation/incident or not? I would appreciate it if you can tell me the real risk of this incident, or of catching hiv or other disease in the event that any bodily fluid on her finger.

thank you very much in advance,

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There is no risk to you at all of HIV transfer via this method / route.

kind regards, Sean
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