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very worried please help

hello doctor,
after some bad experiences where i risked of getting hiv, i decided not to engage myself in risky practices anymore. unluckily one night i met a prostitute and we masturbated ( i touched only myself and she touched herself), but at a certain point i moved toward her and she pushed me back with the hand she was touching with , touching my lips for a fraction of second ( maybe she thought i wanted to lick her, i don't know). i didn't feel her fingers wet, but it's likely that  there was some vaginal secretions, even though she mainly stimulated her clitoris.
if she had touched my penis , would the risk be the same , or the lips are a less efficient access door for the virus?
is my risk comparable to that of a kiss or of a covered blowjob ?
Dr Hook considered my risk as comparable to protected sex ( 1 in a million ?) and defined my risk as " almost 0 risk", which Made me worry a lot as i hoped it was a 0 risk exposure. After 6 days and 8 hours i did a RNA PCR FOR HIV. i was going to leave the next day, so couldn't make it after 10-11 days....the test came back as negative.As i did it during the 7th day , can i consider it as a normal  7 day pcr test with a reliability of 99%? this last episode , the 3rd in less than 2 years caused me a mental break down and would like to get over with it as soon as possibile.

thank you in advance
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Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.
The situation as described has not involved any risk of HIV infection at all whatsoever, the same as kissing or receiving oral sex.  Therefore you do not need any testing and you do not need to worry.  This is confirmed by your negative test result, which under the circumstances can be considered final and fully conclusive.  In summary, no risk, no concerns and no need to have any further tests.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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