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15 years after possible exposure

I have heard through grapevine that a male that I had an unprotected sexual encounter with had/has HIV.  This encounter was 14 - 15 years ago.  I honestly can not remember if I have ever been tested for HIV since I never really the risk was there.  I start researching on the internet, I have anxiety and have spent hours researching symtoms risks etc. I am scared to death to get tested and have a postive reading.  My history:
Rcvd routine care each year - all blood work is come back normal
Have 2 children up to age 10 with no major medical issues
Have donated blood about 5 times in the past 8 years (nothing ever came back)
My spouse of 13 years is a routine blood donor
Have genital herpes
The past year I have seen the doctor more than I have ever in the past
- experienced awful flu 01/2008 and have not felt 100% since then
- skin itching on scalp mostly then has moved to forehead
- some skin rashes - lace like rash on thigh 3 months ago and now seem to have little ingrown hairs on legs since then w/random white heads on skin that do not feel like a pimple but hard and sore but small
        - a few pin needle size broken blood vessles after it clears.  
- White coating on tongue with a break out of coldsore in roof of mouth once a month
- white spots on tonsils (most recently)
- tongue feels like it has been burned
- Skin burning from time to time on back with nothing visually there
I have been to the doctor with these complaints and leave feeling like it is in my head.  Although I have to say, I have only shared the burning skin, feeling sick all the time and the rash.  The Internal Med doc does not know what it is.  

did some bloodwork in 03/2008
Blood Cell Count - normal
Sed rate + C - reactive protein are normal
ANA = Negative = normal
"no evidence of infectious nor inflammatory disease.  
Seen a dentist the other day for routine care and he did not notice the white on the tongue, nor did I say anything.  

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Your fears are groundless.  IF your prior partner has HIV (beware of unsubstantiated rumors), he is unlikely to have had it when he had sex with you and if he did, it was not transmitted.  If you had HIV from an encounter that long ago you it would have been detected at the time you became pregnant (routine HIV testing of all pregnant women has been recommended for over a decade) or through your blood transfusions.  AS for your symptoms, they are due to something other than HIV and should be address with your regular health care provider.  If you wish to get an HIV test to verify all that I have said, feel free to do so but I can promise you, you did not get HIV from the exposure you describe so long ago.  Take care.  EWH
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