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Dear Doctor

I had a very risk unprotected vaginal exposure with a CSW exactly 3 months ago in the Czech Republic.  12 days after the event I experienced the following symptoms:

fever (mid afternoon at worst)
headaches all over, especially temple area and immediately above eyes
red spots on palms and soles
heavy white coating on tongue from back to front
mouth ulcers of varying severity

After around 8 weeks most of these symptoms subsided.

After 6 weeks, at a routine medical my doctor diagnosed me with an atypical chlymydia pneumonia, and a follicular rash (extensive on trunk).  My blood counts revealed a WBC of 5.12 and lymphocytes of 1.07

Today I took an Insti HIV test (blood version - I believe it is made in Canada) and my result was negative.

Do you see a need for further testing or is this result conclusive?

Thanks for your help
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Your HIV test result proves you didn't catch HIV 3 months earlier.  All the rest of the information you provide makes no difference.  Test results always outweigh symptoms and other forms of risk assessment.  Whether or not your partner had HIV, and regardless of how high risk she might have been, the test result proves you weren't infected.  Same for symptoms, which don't sound muck like HIV anyway.  The WBC counts also don't matter, but they are normal.

You cannot self-diagnose neuropathy, and I doubt that is the cause of the symptoms you describe below.  If you remain concerned about that or your other symptoms, see a health care provider about them.  But please put HIV out of your thinking.  You don't have it and do not need further testing.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Forgot to mention I also have to this day neuropathy in fingers and toes, especially active at night when I wake up with a numb arm and hand.
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