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ARS after 1 week??

I recently gave oral sex to a man I did not know very well in Germany (not sure of the rates etc here) I don't believe there was fluid exchanged etc.

5 days later I started to feel a bit weak and tired like I had a cold coming on. 8 days later I developed a lump under each under arms, the whole underarm is painful as are around my breasts. Now, at day 13 they are less sore but still slightly painful. I have also felt like I have flu/cold but no sore throat etc. I did have sore breasts for weeks before the exposure so the lumps may be connected with that. I have had a blocked nose and tired feeling. Are these symptoms at this stage ARS or could they be cold/flu?

I have a small, very itchy rash on my stomach, but this was also here before the exposure and went away but is now back. I have had this in the past.

Please, please, please help. Are these signs that I am probably infected??

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Please read the forum for innumerable discussions about the fact that symptoms never are a valid indicator of new HIV infection.  That's because virtually every symptom that can be associated with ARS is also associated with large number of other conditions, almost all of which are very much more common thatn HIV.  Pick any 10-15 threads at random and you will see discussions about it.  Further, stuffy nose is not an HIV symptom.  I can't say much about your sore armpits, but the lymph node inflammation associated with ARS generally involves several areas of the body, such as neck and groin in addition to armpits.

Equally important, HIV is uncommon in heterosexual men and women in all western/industrialized countries, including Germany, assuming no injection drug use, sex with men, immigrants from higher risk countries, and so on.  Finally, even if the guy had HIV, oral sex is an inefficient HIV transmission route.  The average risk of performing fellatio on an HIV infected has been calculated at 1 in 10,000.

If you remain concerned about your symptoms, of course see a health care provider.  But you really are not at significant risk for HIV.  All sexually active people (outside committed mutually monogamous relationships) should have an HIV test from time to time, like once a year--so if you haven't been tested recently, this would be a good time, since it's on your mind.  But not because of this particular exposure.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Could I ask one more question. Do symptoms show us as early as 8 days and how long would they usually last? mines seem to have disappeared now after 5 days
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Onset after 8 days is early but possible.  But symptoms of ARS usually last 10-20 days.
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I'm sorry could I ask you one last question.... promise, promise it will be the last!!

My symptoms I describe above have gone away and I feel better again, however this week I seem to have a sore bruised like feeling down below around the groin area. It seems to be about 4cm in length and bruised feeling. How would I be able to tell if this is a swollen lymph node and where exactly is the groin area?!! The lumps under my arm have disappeared. I've now convinced myself this must be ARS.

Please, please help

Many thanks
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May I just add that the lump is under the pubic hair area, not sure if that is the groin!
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Those are questions for your doctor.  You can look up "groin" in the dictionary (it is the area where your leg meets the front of your body).  There is no realistic chance you have HIV.  I have no further opinion or advice for you.
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