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Acute HIV symptoms

Hi Doc,

Would like to seek your opinion on my case.  

I had a protected oral and virginal penetration with a CWS at Jakarta on 27 Apr 14.  On 1 (day 4 of exposure) May upon touching down, i went to a clinic for a STD urine test.  

On 2 May (day 5), i started to have a fever ranging from 37.0 to 37.3 and occasionally 37.5.  Sometimes, It will drop to 36.8 at night.  I only had fever and no other symptoms.  I am quite worried and went back to the same clinic on 5 May.

The doctor told me that it is likely due to viral infectious and give me Augmentin Antibotics.  I took the antibiotics and fever medicine as prescribed.  However, my fever has not subsided until today.  It is still ranging from 37.0 to 37.3.  It has been more than 1 week and i am very scared.  
The urine test was out too.  It is negative.  

Yesterday, I went back to another clinic for a second opinion and they give me a stronger antibiotic, Ciprobay.  I also did a normal blood test and my platelet count is normal.  Fever is still hovering around 37.0 to 37.3.

My questions are:
1.  Is my fever related to Acute HIV?  I understand fever is a symptom.  May i know how high is the fever for Acute HIV?

2.  From my case, do you think it is possible HIV?  

3.  What do you think is my possible sickness?
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Welcome to our Forum.  I will try to help.  The sexual encounter you describe was condom protected and condom protected sex is safe sex unless the condom is not worn throughout the encounter or if it breaks.  If your condom was not obviously broken (when condoms break, they break wide open and there is no doubt that they failed), then there was no risk for HIV or for other STIs.

Your fever is not a sign of HIV from the encounter you describe.   It occurred too early and when HIV causes symptoms the fever is accompanied by other symptoms such as severe muscle aches, sore throat and a rash.

I suspect your fever is just the sort or viral sore throat that travelers get from time to time.  Antibiotics will not help this.

I hope these comments are helpful.  Please do not worry about HIV from the encounter you have just described.  EWH
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Dr Edward,

Thanks for taking your time to reply.  From what you have described, i believe that the condom did not break.  

Really appreciate it.  Thank you very much.
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Im glad I could help. Take care.  EWH
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Hi Doc Edward,

Would like to seek clarity for the viral sore throat that you mentioned in the earlier reply.  

I do not have any pain in my sore throat, although my doctor said that my throat is red and cover with some white spots.  Is it still consider as viral throat infection?

My next question is:  Is there any great concern, If there is a breakout of sore throat now (14th day exposure) and couple with my fever of 37.0-37.3?
Is it acute HIV related?  Can you share with me the temperature of an Acute HIV fever?

Hope to hear from you soon.
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This will be my final answer.  You need to stop worrying about HIV and I do not want to continue to encourage your unwarranted anxieties.

Yes. a red throat with spots is suggestive of a viral infection. It is your throat. therefore it is a viral infection of a throat.  A viral sore throat.  

Your temperature is not a fever.  People with recently acquired HIV have fevers well above 38 degrees and many other symptoms.  your symptoms are not suggestive of HIV.

This thread is now over. There will be no more answers.  EWH
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Hi Doc Edward,

Thanks for accommodating to my request.  I really appreciate your help in answering my curiosity.

I will heed your advice.  Thank you very much.
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