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Anxiety and Depression

My last HIV testing was in 2008 and it was negative. Since then I did the following:

1) Around 35 to 40 handjobs from massage girls (no condoms were used in handjobs)
2) Exactly 17 protected vaginal sex (half with ex gfs and other half with CSWs. All times condoms worked and I double checked condoms after each sexual acts)
3) Exactly 8 unprotected blow jobs  (half from ex gfs and three from CSWs)
4) One time cunnilingus (gave it to one girl whom I just met at the hotel in Miami, she did cum while giving cunnilingus)
5) Shared razor. We were on a trip and one of my “bi-sexual” friend used my razor to shave his chest hair without my knowledge. After exactly 6 hours, I used the same razor. I saw two strings of his chest hair in the razor thus I thoroughly washed it before shaving my face. I might have cut my face, I don't remember but the period of 6 hours before using the same razor gives me a comfort that if HIV virus was on that razor, it would have died by then.

I never paid no attention to symptoms but I got bronchitis two times last year because I was smoking. And, it took me a while to recover from bronchitis but slightly productive cough lasted for months. Even now, every morning I wake up when I clear my nose I see white mucus.

Now, I’m few months away from getting married to the girl. We’re going to go ahead and get tested together but above incidents paired together with no “yearly” testing is what got me worried.

What obviously worries me the most is #5 razor incident and #4 going down on a girl. I understood that getting sucked is close to zero risk and condom protected vaginal sex is zero risk despite some vaginal flood present at the base of the penis.

But the thought about testing after 6 years is what gets depressed. I know for a fact I NEVER had no unprotected sex, that's whats keeping together so far. But, what are your thoughts doctor? Was I being stupid all these years? OR did I really practiced a safe sex?

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question.  Congratulations for a rational approach to your new relationship and your conscientious decision to be tested for HIV -- as well as for other STDs, please.

You needn't be at all worried about HIV.  Asuming your sexual history since 2008 is accurate and complete, you indeed practiced entirely safe sex and the chance you are infected is virtually zero.  In addition to the safe practices described, HIV is more rare in women than you seem to think; probably none of your partners was infected. To your specific issues:

1,3,4) HIV is not transmitted by hand-genital contact and has never been known to be transmitted by cunnilingus. If it's transmitted at all from mouth to penis, it is so infrequent that you could expect to receive BJs from infected partners once daily for 25+ years before there might be a significant  chance of infection.

2) Condoms aren't perfect, but they are highly protective -- and as noted above, most likely none of these partners had HIV.

5) Shared razors are one of those theoretical risks, listed on many websites and other educational materials, but probably zero risk in the real world.  To my knowledge, there has never been a proved, reported case of HIV transmission in this way. You certainly aren't going to be the first!

So neither of your most serious worries should be a worry at all.  Go ahead with HIV testing as planned, and also ask the doctor or clinic to do a urine test for gonorrhea and chlamydia and a blood test for syphilis. Don't lose any sleep at all waiting for the results -- I expect all of them to be negative.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Thank you for prompt reply.

I didn't ask STD related questions because I didn't wanted to break the rules:) I haven't seen any obvious symptoms (sores, pain while urination or outbreak of herpes lesions) so I wasn't worried about STDs. Also, last year the primary care physician gave me "z pack course of 5 days" for bronchitis and I thought that antibiotic that strong  would kill any STD bacterial infection.

Anyhow, you're right thought. It is wise to get tested for them anyway while at it.

Again thanks the prompt reply.
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There are no rules against STD questions on this forum -- just that non-HIV STDs shouldn't be the main focus of the initial question.

It is true that a 5 day Zpak would prevent or abort almost all bacterial STDs to which you might have been exposed.  Following such treatment, I no longer see any need for STD testing, except possibly for syphilis (which conceivably could go back to a distant sexual exposure, and because longstanding syphilis might not be cured by that dose).
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Just wanted to give you an update. I did the urine test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and blood test for Syphilis through LapCorp Services (quite expensive $229 value for testing of the three). All three came back negative non reactive.

Haven't gathered the courage to test for HIV yet but I'll do that in coming weeks.

Your insight and comments were really helpful.
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