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Here is my situation of 12 days ago,

I went to a strip club and went to the "VIP" section.  Once there the girl (African American) started to give me a rough lapdance.  After the lapdance the girl asked "how far" she could go with me and offered "safe sex" (handjob, rubbing her breasts on my penis, etc.)  I declined. Her chest was exposed and she would pull her bottoms down to show me her butt, but I didn't even see her vagina or any spot near it.  She never completely took her clothes off.   However during the dance, she pulled my penis out of my shorts, and covered it with my shirt. I remember putting my penis in my pants a few moments later.  She didn't grab it again, because I told. her that I didn't want to perform any sexual acts.  As I was anxious that she touched my penis with her hands, when we went downstairs I even inspected her hands which seemed "dry" but not bloody or anything like that.

When I went into the parking lot to leave, the thought came across if I had penetrated her.  I do not think I did, but I started to doubt myself.  Surely if I had penetrated her she or I would have noticed, but I am not sure and am leaning towards me not penetrating her seeing as how my penis was exposed for only a few moments.  Since then I have had a few questionable symptoms.

Are canker sores related to initial infection?  I have had two in the past 12 days separately.

I have been having these odd aches across my body, especially in my hands and fingers.  Is this sort of joint or muscle pain common in infection?

I have also had a "heavy head" a few times in the past 12 days.  Any relation?

I have also had random pains throughout my body, that throb at times.  Any relation?

I have had a HIV anxiety attacks before (twice) and have always been very paranoid.  I have been tested numerous times in the past year and they have all been negative.  Please help!
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Welcome to our Forum.  I hope that my answers will provide you with a bit of perspective which will allow you to reduce your anxieties over this exposure. The long and short of your situation is that there is no risk to the exposure you describe.  If you had penetrated het, you would know it and furthermore, had you penetrated her, to be honest, it is not in her financial interest for the penetration to be brief. Thus this exposure was no risk.  No concern is warranted, nor is testing.

As far as your symptoms are concerned, there is no relationship to your exposure. Each of the symptoms you describe are EXACTLY the sorts of things that we regularly see as manifestations of anxiety and overly careful self examination.  I suspect his is the case for you as well.

I hope my comments are helpful. Try your best not to worry. There is no reason to.  EWH
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Thank you for your comments.  

I also wanted to add that I have also been having a pain on the back of my head and along the back of my head to the neck.  Tense muscles? Infection relation? Anxiety relation?

I also have a stiff neck (a few days after the onset of the pain said above.) Any worries?

Thanks again.
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Nope, no change at all in my assessment or advice.  EWH
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Two symptoms that have been bothering me

1 new canker sore today.

An air escaping noise out of one ear.  

I'm really worried about these symptoms...should i be?

Please answer and re assess, and no other questions.
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No change in my assessment or advice. this thread is over.  There will be no further answers.  EWH
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