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Blood donation

Hello Doctors,

I had protected sex with an escort in London last November 2012, that is my last exposure, then I went for many HIV tests and other STD's tests, I had DUO test at 6 weeks, Duo test at 9 weeks, INSTI test at 4 months, duo test at 7 months and another duo test at 9 months with also FULL STD's screen at 9 months, all the results came negative. Although all my tests are negative, I am still going crazy with these STD's and HIV.

I am thinking of donating blood, I want to do something good in my life, but the thing is, I checked today on NHS, they say in their website, " You should not donate blood for 12 months after having sex with a commercial sex worker"

WEBSITE: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Blood-donation/Pages/Who-can-use-it.aspx

They made me worried again, why I can not donate? why they do not believe 6 months are enough for the tests to be conclusive?

Do you think I need to have Full STD's again after 12 months?

Advise me Doctor, Do I need to wait for one more month and go for donating some blood? Can you explain it to me why the are asking for people who had sex to come and donate after 12 months have passed?

Many thanks
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Welcome to the forum.

Your test results are 100% reliable.  You had a low risk exposure anyway, since so few escorts (expensive female sex workers by appointment) have HIV, especially in London.  But in any case, there was no need for continued testing after your negative DUO test at 6 weeks.

In all (or almost all) industrialized countries, public health authorities and those responsible for a safe transfusion blood supply take very conservative approaches to HIV prevention.  They would admit themselves that their 1 year recommendation is very conservative an probably unnecessary.  The guidelines also assume that most people who might have had commercial sex have not been HIV tested, as you have.  They also understand many potential blood donors are not as conscientious as you are -- by saying 1 year, they are hoping that people at possible risk will wait at least a few weeks or months.

In other words, the official blood donation guidelines do not change the simple fact that your test results prove with 100% certainty you did not catch HIV.  Don't worry about it.

I hope this has helped.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Hello Doctor Hunter,

Many thanks for your fast reply,

You said some expansive escorts have HIV especially in london, or did you mean do not have?

So now I am not able to donate blood until December.  Very sad.

Many thanks
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Re-read my comment above:  "...few escorts (expensive female sex workers by appointment) have HIV".

Follow the rules about blood donation. But I don't see what is "very sad".  They'll do fine without your blood for a few months.
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Thanks Doctor Hunter
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Hello again Doctor,

This is my final question I promise, I just became a bit worried when I read I need to wait for one more month to donate blood, my last question;

Do they use the special HIV tests when someone donates blood? Or they use the normal and the common HIV test like I had before?

Advise me Doctor please.
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