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I have had repeated tests for HIV - all negative.  And I had a most recent one - one year ago to the day of the last exposure.

I had a flu shot three/four hours before the last INSTI test was taken yesterday. The flu shot was the Fluarix suspension by GSK. Strains: A/California/7/2009 (H1N1) derived strain used NYMC X-181,
A/Perth/16/2009 (H3N2)-like strain used NYMC X-187 derived from A/Victoria/210/2009

1. Am I right to say that a flu shot cannot interfere with the test? I have read information on thebody.com which has stated that false positives can and have occurred. Indeed I read a post on here which stated that there was a false positive due to a recent vaccine.

2. Have you ever personally seen a case when a false positive occurred due to a flu shot?

3.  What I wanted to know was whether false negatives can happen as a result of a flu shot? Could my negative test be false, due to the flu shot suppressing the HIV antibodies?

3. In any event, is three/four hours too early to create any potential false positive/negative?

The leaflet with the test stated that: "If you have had a blood tests within a few days following a flu vaccination, please tll your doctor. This is because false positive blood tests results have been observed in a few patients who had recently been vaccinated."

4. Finally, this is unrelated to HIV, but I was hoping you could answer it. I have had cold sores on the lower corner left lip for years. never any pronounced symptoms, just tingling which goes away and a little stinginess when I touch the lower left corner of my lip. Is it possible to get the same strain i.e. HSV1, appearing on the corner of my lower RIGHT lip at the same time as a minor cold sore on the bottom corner of my left lip?

I recognise that you cannot get the virus on two different locations, i.e. genitals and then nose, but because the nerves around the lips etc are connected, is this possible? Has this occurred before?

Thanks Dr.
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Welcome to the Forum. Your questions are straightforward so I will go and answer them directly.

1.  Flu shots DO NOT interfere with HIV test results.  Many people get flu shots every  year and many people get tested  for HIV.  As a result, on the basis of chance, some persons will be false positive test results following influenza vaccination.  This is a chance event, nothing more.  

2.  No, I have never seen a FP related to a flu shot.

3.  See no. 2 above.  Timing is irrelevant.

4.  Most unlikely.  However, your question identifies you as someone who I had to stop answering previously because of repetitive questions. There will be no follow-up to this reply an if you persist, we will ban you from the Forums permanently.  HSV-1 infection oes not move from side to side in the way you mention.  This was discussed before in your earlier post.

5.  Azithromycin and/or cefixime have no effect on HIV test results- none at all.  EWH
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