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Confirming conclusions

Good day,

I'm writing to confirm information gathered from a number of sources (here, thebody, avert, aidsproject, etc). Five days ago I received oral sex (insertive fellatio) from a woman (stripper) of unknown status. I also noticed what appeared to be an epidermal abrasion on the outer surface of my foreskin later that night that most likely resulted from vigorous manual stimulation or by rubbing on my zipper - the abrasion was in a straight line of similar width to the zipper teeth.

From what I have been reading this was a zero risk event even with the abrasion. One, most dancers aren't infected with HIV. Two, transfer via the oral route is very rare (at best) and the only reported cases have been to the receptive partner with no known instances of transfer to the insertive partner. There was no bleeding from the abrasion and I'm thinking that it most likely wouldn't be deep enough tissue damage to warrant concern. Further, the only way for blood or other HIV infectious material to reach either the cut/abrasion or urethra is to be transferred via saliva, which would essentially inactivate the virus.

Would you come to the same conclusions and indicate that testing isn't warranted based on this event?

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Welcome back to the forum.

I agree exactly with your self analysis.  HIV is rarely if ever transmitted by oral sex.  For a more detailed discussion, I would refer you to a question I answered only a few hours ago; see the link below.  The possible presence of an abrasion makes no significant difference.  The reasons the risk is low may include saliva inactivating HIV, but the biological explanations aren't what is important.  Whatever the reasons, such transmission just doesn't occur, or rarely enough that the risk can safely be ignored.  Accordingly, I agree testing isn't needed.


Please note that MedHelp permits a maximum of 2 questions every 6 months on each of the professionally moderated forums (see Terms and Conditions).  This being your second this month, it will have to be your last before next October.  In any case, it should never again be necessary to ask about such low risk exposures as the ones you have described in two threads.  All you need to do in order to be confident you will never catch HIV is to avoid unprotected, non-monogamous vaginal or anal intercourse; and not share drug injection equipment with anyone else.

Regards---  HHH, MD
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