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Could I be infected?

Hi Doc,
My story goes like this, I had brief unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a woman I met at a party on April 1st ( I eventually saw sense and put on a condom but the incident was still brief after this). Five days later I got a slight sore throat that went away after a day or two. Eight days after the incident I lost my appetite was a little achy and had a temperature (i think, but didn't measure it). These symptoms lasted for 4 to 5 days then cleared up.
Then around 5 weeks after the incident I got mild aching in my stomach and abdomen area. This lasted for around 3 days. Then 8 weeks after the incident (as I write this message now) I again have aching in my stomach and abdomen area coupled with a slight back ache. Also at various times throughout this period I have had a slightly odd taste in my mouth but nothing visible (i.e.thrush).
I tested negative for Clamidya, Gonoreah and Syphillis at 2 weeks and also tested negative at 2 weeks for HIV.
My questions are:
1). Do my symptoms (and timings of symptoms) sound like HIV infection?
2). What were the odds of me getting infected from that single incident?
I am in a long term relationship and do not sleep around (I was drunk at this party I mentioned). I do not, and have never injceted drugs. Basically this incident is my only exposure risk.
I have had problems with anxiety (and am currently taking medication for this) in the past but this situation is unbearable.
I love my girlfriend more than life itself and really would appreciate your knowledge on this.
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Relax.  Your risks are near zero, based both on the sexual event you describe and your symptoms. As I have said many times on this forum, symptoms never a reliable indicator for or against early HIV infection.  Every symptom associated with acute retroviral syndrome (ARS) is far more commonly due to other things, all of which are much more frequent than HIV.  The odds of catching HIV from any single episode of vaginal sex with an infected partner are around 1 chance in 1000, even if your partner was infected--which she probably wasn't.

Anyway, to ease your mind, have another HIV test now; it will be negative. Some experts would recommend yet another test 3 months after the event, but it really isn't necessary.  But do that too if it also will help you get over your anxiety.

For more information, search this forum for "HIV transmission risk",  "ARS symptoms" and "time to positive HIV test".

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Thanks Doc.
I know you are right about the symptoms issue, and often I tell myself the same thing. It's just kind of hard playing the waiting game with these strange symptoms popping up here and there.
I just need to think a little more positive!!!!
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IS 6-7 Weeks long enough for the Home Acess test?

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The Home Access company uses a standard test that's basically the same as the ones used in all laboratories and health care settings.  Don't get misled by debates about second, third, or fourth generation tests.  They all turn postive in 95-98% of infected people within 6-8 weeks.

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just so everyone knows the doc kinda knows what he is talking about.....had a very similar situation as this author, doc told me the same thing, tested at 6 weeks, neg, 9 weeks, neg, and just got my 13 week test, neg.  I too thought/think my lymph nodes are swollen (family doc says NO), think i may have had fevers, had night sweats, lost 15 lbs., coated tongue (thought it was thrush), floaters (dry contacts), seb derm or psoriassis (always have had it), sore muscles, and last but not least itchy skin that comes and goes in matters of hours or minutes on back, front of shoulders and chest (skin writing).  Not to mention my wife thinks that i am crazy cause everytime she says she is tired or sore i over react to her statement and think that i have passed it on to her.  The only bad thing that will happen from here is that i will probably gain back the 15 lbs that i have lost, which i definately needed to lose anyway, and what am i going to do with all my time now that i won't be spending 4 plus hours a day looking at this site and any other site that comes up on an "hiv testing symptoms etc." google search.  Maybe i can do something productive with my life now since i have thrown away the last 3 months.
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Thanks for the info Nutcase!!
As soon as I get my 12 week negative I can assure you that I don't want to see another HIV or STD online forum ever again!!!!!!!!!
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Home Access uses the Biomerieux Vironostika Microelisa System and I believe IFA by Fluorognost. It is a first generation Elisa but it is an "updated" first generation according to them (I don't think it is the same first generation as was used 20 years ago, but uses simlar testing methods). There is a newer Vironostika Plus O that is more sensitive, but I think they have to get FDA approval for testing dried blood spots using any certain ELISA, so they can't just swap to the newest ELISA anytime they want to. The one paper I have found showed similar sensitivity (within a few days as you were saying) between the updated first generation Vironostika ELISA and the other newer generations.
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Guys I am at the begenning of my worries as my encounters happened in the last couple of days.I know exactly how you feel. I cannot believe I opened myself up to all these STDs. I am so dumb.
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Please do not let your fear of HIV rule you. You should rule your fear. Be strong everything willbe alright. I have been working with HIV for a long time and i have met lots of people has low risk exposure and has lost their jobs or messed up there lifes and later got negative tests.
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Maybe it is he guilt, shame and anxiety. I have had 4 or 5 exposures with sex workers recently. Unprotected oral performed on me  and protected vaginal. Now I am very upset, worried about STDs can't eat, sleep. its awful
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Relax, you will be fine. Unprotected oral sex(insertive) or getting a blow job is not a real risk, Period. Real risks are unprotected vaginal and anal sex. No kidding. Relax you will be fine. Just try and not think about HIV ...i know its difficult but you gotta be strong.. Life is too short to worry about things which does not exsit.  Get tested if you are worried. Last thing.. HIV VIRUS IS NOT A EASY VIRUS TO GET IN.
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Thanks strangeworld!
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