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Did i seroconvert? really worried...

I  had sex with a men . We kept contact, and couple of days, he contacted me saying that he was HIV + and that i had to test.

he gave me fellation and our genitals were rubing. I had the head of penis pushing at the entry of his anus. As far as i know, there were no penetration, at least haven't felt any penetration and he is telling me that there was no penatration, i hope there wasn't , I did not felt it. I had candida  on the shaft of my penis and near the uretha and probably was on the entry of his anus, like i said, i haven't felt any penetration. 12 days after our encounter, i had a sorethroat, malaise afeter eating, felt like vomitting and constipation. I woke up with a fatigue ( it is not the way i used to be fatigued, was very sleepy and my muscle were tired, i know when i get tired but it wasn`t the same feeling), i was sleepy for 4 days, i had chills  during the  day had cold sensation, but it was kind of hot where i live, almost that i needed a jacket. felt like freezing at some point of the day. I had a little rash on my neck and face, a little bit on my back. and a white tongue you can see a picture
. as far as i know, i have not felt any fever, but i felt some headache. Sometimes, i could have some hot flashes. During the fatigue, i would feel my feet and knee really tired ( it is a kind of fatigue i have ever felt in the past) a couple of days after, i realized that i had some red spot on my penis, on the shaft (test for std came back negative). A couple of day after, i would wake up at night, having a little bit of sweat on my body, once i woke up to the toillet, i felt like freezing, i don't know if i had a fever while sleeping. After this, my white tongue and the redish  spot on my penis with a dry shin (white) on it   went away leaving a little red sore on my tongue. all symptoms  came together and all gone together for a week and a half. After having all these ...
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Welcome to the forum.

While I understand your concern and that it can be frightening to be informed you have had sex with an HIV infected person, your risk from the events described was zero or very close to it.  Oral to genital transmission by oral sex is very rare, if it occurs at all; and without actual penetration, there was little risk from the superficial penile-anal contact you describe.

Some of your symptoms are consistent with acute retroviral syndrome (ARS, i.e. symptomatic new HIV infection), but ARS usually causes fever, sore throat, and rash; and the identical symptoms occur with many other health conditions, including minor day to day viral infections.  And your tongue problem doesn't sound significant with respect to HIV; and could occur with other minor viral problems.  (We don't examine posted photos on this forum -- sorry.)

And most important, looking ahead at the follow-up comment below, your negative blood test at 4 weeks is highly reassuring.  Almost everybody (95% or more) with new HIV infections have positive antibody test results by that time.  (If it was a duo test, for both HIV antibody and p24 antigen, then it is 100% reliable.)

Because of your and your doctor's concern, I agree it is reasonable to have another antibody test at 6 weeks, assuming the 29 days test was a stand-alone antibody test.  Also, the test result always is positive within 10 days of onset of symptoms -- so if your symptoms were due to ARS, your result would have been positive.  Therefore, you can expect your 5 week test, and any future testing beyond that, to remain negative.  It is exceedingly unlikely you caught HIV.  Of course continue to work with your doctor if your symptoms continue, to learn the real cause other than HIV.

Finally, for future reference, and as a message to other users:  please keep new questions to the required character limit.  Moderators should not not have to look at the comment windows or read read long essays.  On many MedHelp professional forums, the moderators set their browsers so they never even see any comments except the original question -- and it would have been easy to compress all yoru concerns into the 2,000 character limit.  Thanks.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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symptoms, i got really scared and start thinking about ARS symptoms. i lost 10 lb too. It is not about the anxiety because i had them before knowing her status and before checking symptoms on the internet. I had a blood test 29 days after our encounter and came back negative, i'm waiting the 6th weeks but i can't think other than a positive result. im sure it will be positive and my doctor was preparing me for this. Would it be a coincidence having all these symptoms or is it typically ars? i'm scared about the candida going on the opening of the entry of his anus. after our sexual act, i had a burning sensation disconfort in the uretha that went away a day after.

Can you give me your opinion about it, hopefully that could ease a little bit my mind. is this seroconvertion. i got tested today after 5 week, will have the result tomorow. just want to know what to expect.

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The presumed fungal infection of your penis makes no difference in susceptibility to HIV.  In any case, since the blood tests are showing you weren't infected, there is no longer any need to worry about the exposure itself.  No matter how high the risk might have been, it is clear you weren't infected.
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Thank you doctor, i think it is Elisa but i don't know if it is 3rd or 4th generation
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doctor,  i'm really scared about my situation, hope you understand, never said i was positive. I had my result today for the 5 th week and cameback negative, Doctor, if i got a real flu 2-3 days after my let say ARS symptom, because my himune systme is wekened, does that mean that the antibody for hiv will be harder to find in my blood 5 week after exposure

Thank you very much
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Your negative test result at 5 weeks is very strong additional assurance that you did not catch HIV.

Your doctor may still advise you to have additional tests.  If so, follow his advice.  You also could speak with him about doing blood tests other than HIV antibody.  If you have a negative p24 antigen test (or duo test for both antibody and p24), or a negative PCR test for HIV RNA/DNA, it would prove 100% you don't have HIV.

In the meantime, mellow out.  You should now be very relaxed, secure in the knowledge that something other than HIV explains your symptoms,  It is very rare to have a negative ELISA at 5 weeks and turn positive later.  Feel free to return one more time if you have any other HIV tests.  Until then, however, I cannot help further and won't have any additional comments.
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Thanks alot for everything
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Hi doctor ,I had a test at 40 days ELISA 3 rd generation, came back negative, I want to know if this is accurate, and just want to know after the encounter, I had a UTI, and got the flu and stressed a lot, could this have weakened my immune systeme to the point that I could have produced less antibody for test to be less accurate?  I read that 6 week is unlikely to change and is extremly good, is that true?

That you doctor
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This result is definitive proof you did not catch HIV.  There are few if any medical conditions that interfere with HIV testing, and UTI, stress, and flu certainly have no effect.  So congratuations -- all is well.
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