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DrHHH,could very healthy person get "Late/No seroconversion"?

Hello Dr HHH:
           Sorry for my poor English first.Here is my story,a little bit long,please be patient ,Dr.
           After my 6 times negative antibody tests out to 7.5 months after my exposure,i am not that worried now.But one thing always reminds me-->"you may have risk!!" when i want to kiss my girl friend or when i think the wonderful image that i get married with my loved girl and baby born..
           And...all this was triggered by the cases of  "late seroconversion"or"no seroconversion"or"occult infection"!!!(i 've read some cases were not due to chemo therapy or organ transplant or IV drug use!even not by hyperimmunoglobulin and nobody knows the exact reason!!)
      I also know some no seroconversion cases are due to IGG/IGA/IGM lack,but some are not,and once i read one report which  even raised the hypothesis of "HIV occult infection" and this kind of infection may not be detected by neither PCR nor ANTIBODY TEST!!
the occult infection report is here:(http://www.searo.who.int/LinkFiles/News_Letters_HIV-AIDS-Aug-08.pdf)
      Then I told myself i could test again before my marriage ,but even this could not completely calm down me.
           I had a full body check last month,everything is fine,lymphocyte cell is 38.5%,and i had my HBV antibodies(i took HBV vaccine 3 years ago).
           My questions are:
           Does very healthy person could get into these kind of no seroconversion case?
           I could produce HBV antibody does it mean i i would produce HIV antibodies if infetced? I am not sure and I am still  worried now.
           can you give me your advice about the "late/NO/ seroconversion"or"occult infection"? There must be some reasons or mutilpe reasons happened together which could cause them ,right?
          How do i know i am fine and not these people who had no seroconversion?Can i be 100% sure i am fine or Dr HHH are you 100% certain i am fine...?
         Thank you so much!
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Welcome to the Forum.  Dr. Handsfield and I share the forum.  You got me.  FYI, the reason we share the forum is because we have worked together for nearly 30 years and while our verbiage styles vary, we have never disagreed on management strategies or advice to clients.  In preparing to respond to your question I have reviewed the more than 25 other posts you have had over the past month and seek that you have been repeatedly told by Teak, Vance and many others that you need to believe your test results.  I agree with this advice.

Tests for HIV have evolved in important ways since they first became available in 1985.  They have become more sensitive and they detect infections earlier.  To be worrying yourself about  infection is paranoid thinking.  As you have already been told repeatedly,  "late seroconversion" is about as close to an urban myth for you as it gets.  Believe the science, put your illogical anxiety that you might be one of the first persons to experience the so called "late seroconversion" and move on. To do otherwise ignores science and the experience with thousands of persons who have actually been exposed to partners with HIV (as opposed to your situation where you think you MIGHT have been exposed but probably weren't) and the timing of their seroconversion.  

Maybe late seroconversion has happened to someone, somewhere where they were tested for HIV with currently available tests.  The chance that this has happened to you is lower than the chance that you will be struck by a bolt of lightning while reading this- it is not something for you to worry about.

I hope my comments will help.  I will not repeat this comment or get into another long exchange about your hypothetical concerns.  My heartfelt suggestion is that if you cannot stop worrying about this you do not need more HIV testing but should seek the help of a trained mental health professional who can assist you in addressing your unwarranted fears and/or guilt.  EWH
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