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Dried Blood

The other night I was playing volleyball for a local charity.  During the game I scratched myself during one of the games.  I didnt notice right away but the scratch which is about a 1/4 inch started to bleed.  Once I noticed it was bleeding I removed myself from the game and went to the bathroom to clean it off and put a bandaid on it.   When I returned to play the next game I noticed on the ball what looked like blood or dried blood.  Realistically the blood could have come from me before I noticed but I became concerned that it might not have.  I know the chances of the blood on the ball hitting me on the exact spot of my cut are slim and that it was probably mine but I became concerned.  I wanted to ask what risk factors their are for this event and should I be concerned?

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This is an example of potential exposure to HIV in the environment.  It is probable that nobody in the world has ever caught HIV because of environmental contamination.

There is absolutely no chance of catching HIV from the circumstances you have described.  Even if the dried blood was not yours, but from an HIV infected person, there would be no risk.  Drying immediately kills HIV; and even if were wet blood with surviving virus, it would be difficult or impossible to infect yourself, even if you touched the blood and then your scratch.

So no worries.  You should not be tested and can safely continue unprotected sex with your regular sex partner(s).

Regards--  HHH, MD
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