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Dry Mouth, Insomnia, Unsteady Pulse, Anxiety

Hi Doctor

Thank you very much.

Situation (I am male)

In 2009, I did some STUPID things and slept with 8 female escorts.  There was kissing, body licking, protected vaginal and protected oral.  However on two occasions I received Unprotected/gave Oral Sex, (1) 15 minutes with ejaculation (2) 30 Seconds-no ejaculation.   The escort supplied the condoms and I worry that they were sheepskin condoms.

The last incident was Dec 18 in which was protected (oral and vaginal).   I tested at 6 weeks (neg for stds/HIV).  Retested for HIV 1-2 at 10 Weeks (Neg ELISA), Retested at 13 Weeks (Neg ELISA).  


1) Dry mouth, saliva is mucousy and thick. (This is by far the most stressful symptom).  Constantly chew gum.  Is Dry Mouth considered a symptom of early HIV infection?  Do people with HIV get a dry mouth within 6 months of being infected?

2) I feel cold constantly.  Is lower body temp a symptom of early HIV infection.

3) I have no appetite and intestinal rumblings (not painful), but I feel movement and am somewhat constipated. Is this a symptom of early HIV infection?

4) I have Insomnia and I used to sleep like a baby.  Is insomnia and early morning awakenings a symptom of early HIV infection?

5) I have strawberry tongue and what seems to be enlarged circumvallate papillae.  Are these symptoms of early HIV infection.  I read a journal on google that was entitled "Adult Kawasaki disease in HIV infected patients."  Is Kawasaki disease an early symptom of HIV infection.

6) How easily does oral thrush scrape off.  I have a white coated tongue and it seems to come off when I scrape as white thick mucous.  There generally is no bleeding except once when I scraped and brushed really hard.  Tongues seems tender and red after scraped.  

7) Heavy pulse, heart heart beat, Irregular.  Feel it beating.  Keeps me awake. Is this a symptom of early HIV infection?

7) Should I retest at 4.5 and 6 months. Is it safe for me to have unprotected sex with my girlfriend?

Thank You
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Welcome to our Forum. Even before I look at your specific questions, let me assure you that you do not have HIV. The exposures your describe are very close to zero (no) risk,  It is unlikely that you partners, even though the are commercial sex workers, had HIV- most CSWs do not.  In addition, most of your penetrative exposures were condom protected.  I doubt that your partners were using sheepskin condoms for several reasons- sheepskin condoms cost more than latex and since CSWs use condoms to protect themselves, therefore I presume your partners would use latex condoms preferentially.  Finally and most importantly, your test results conclusively PROVE that you did not get HIV from the exposure that you describe.  Virtually all HIV infections are detectable at any time more than 8 weeks beyond exposure.  In your case you have been tested at 10 and 13 weeks and found to be negative.  You do not have HIV and should not worry about it further.  With that as background, let me now look at your specific questions:

I will not answer these questions one-by-one since the answer is the same for all of them.  these are non-specific problems which could be caused by any number of other causes, including anxiety.  Sometimes after an exposure that, in retrospect, one wishes they had not had, persons tend to examine themselves and be far more attuned to sensations and symptoms than in periods when they are not concerned.  This in turn leads to noticing what turn out to be normal sensations that might have been not noticed or ignored at other times.  It may also lead to concern about symptoms that are caused by other processes.  I suspect this is a contributor to your situation.  

Bottom line. I am confident that you did not get HIV from any of the exposures you described.  You do not need further testing and you do not need to worry that you might have gotten HIV from the exposures you describe that you might then transmit to your partner.

I hope this helps to ease you mind.  EWH
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Point 5 - When I say I have strawberry tongue.  I do not mean that it is deep red.  It is whitish with the fungiform papillae sticking through as pronounced red dots spread evenly throughout entire surface of tongue
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Thank You for your response doctor

The issue of the dry mouth and strawberry tongue/possible Candida drive me crazy, however I will take your word for it that I am conclusively negative.  I realize that the symptoms I am experiencing are probably largely due to stress and anxiety.  I just wish that all the HIV sites on the internet would emphatically state that 3 months is conclusive (wishful thinking I know)

I know that you must be very busy and I can't imagine how you find the time to answer all of these questions, but it is greatly appreciated.

Once again thank you for your response.
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For what it may be worth I belive there is only one model off Lambskin condom on the market in US. Also I believe they are distinct in deisgn - they are large with sommething of an elastic "collar", the condoms themselves are possibly not very elastic and reputedly have an unpleasant odor (and possibly taste  - this would seem to make it unpopular for oral activity)  I think these would be unpopular for csw for the above reasons in addition to those given by Dr Hook. In a nutshell it seems LS condoms would be unpopular with csw's and I think you would notice one as being rather different from a regular condom. I believe there's a Youtube video of a college girl goofing around and blowing one up in a dormroom where you can see what one looks like as well as the response to the odor/taste. Hope this helps in some way.
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Glad we could help. Take care.  EWH
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Hi Doctor

You have answered my question and have given me assurance however I was hoping that you could humor me with a direct answer to the dry mouth issue (it is driving me insane).

Is dry mouth an early symptom or indicator of HIV in your experience?

There seem to be many websites that say this and I was hoping you could clear the air?

Also what is meant by early, within 3 months of infection, 6 months, 12 months, 3 years (etc)?

There seem to be many websites that say this and I was hoping you could clear the air?

Thank YOu
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Dr.Hook has already answered you. Please don't ask him to repeat himself or give a very specific answer to a anxiety driven question.

He has cleared the air by telling you that your risk was close to if not zero and your testing proves that.
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Your dry mouth is non-specifc and could be due to anxiety, amongst other things. It is not a sign of early (or late) HIV.  This will end this thread. There will be no further answers.  EWH
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