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Dear Doctor ,

I just touched by my finger a SEMEN on man in Sex Show in MADRID Spain maybe after 2-3 minutes of providing via coin fullen in that SEMEN & i swapped the SEMEN directly through my dress .After that may i touched the second hand that touched my lips or may my pinus.
I read on E-Net that such SEMEN can transmit HIV , then i became worried & i did the followings :
1. After 9 Days , the i made HIV-1 Viral Load in Egpyt but the Test done in Germany , the the result as follows :
< 34 IU/ML , I.E < 1.5 Log IU/ML . {Threshold is estimated as 34 IU of HIV - RNA / Ml of plasma} .
, they said the this test has window period of 7 Days after exposure , which menas there is no HIV Virus in Your Blood . (Many topics saied that Viral Load will be extremly high on the initial infection ?)
2. After 32 Days , i made HIV Ag/Ab by CMIA & the result is "NEGATIVE" .
3. After 6 Weeks (Exactly 41.5 Days) , i made HIV by Ag/Ab & by ELISA 3Rd Generation & both are "NEGATIVE" .

You can confirm that such Tests is Confirmaed that i am realy NEGATIVE HIV or still further Tests is required .

Cosedering that i have muscle pain on Hands & Legs from time to time , very high stressed , but i have no Rash , or Tongue Fangai or on Lips or Fever .

Pls., consider my case seruoisly .

Regards ,

I am 37 years old & generaly in a very good physical helth .

Is is may case there is possiblility to by Undetectable Viral Load @ 9 Days & in the same time NEGATIVE Ab/AG up to 41.5 Days ?

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Welcome to our Forum.  I'll try to help.  The exposure you describe is very low risk for acquisition of HIV.  HIV is not acquired by transfer of the virus from person to person on hands- HIV is transmitted by penetrative sex and injection of the virus deep into tissue.  Thus, while I admit I had a little trouble following your text, my sense is that this was a no risk exposure.  In addition, when taken together, the combination of the tests you have had virtually rule out the possibility that you got HIV, confirming the statement I made above, i.e. that you did not get HIV.  The HIV viral load test is strong evidence that you did not get HIV and at 4 weeks after exposure, the combination HIV AG/AB test result rules out the possibility of infection.  

Be confident that you did not get HIV from the exposure you describe.  You do not need additional testing. EWH
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- Many thanks doctor & you get me relaxed now .
- Cosidering that i made HIV Ag/Ab & ELISA after almost 6 Weeks (41.5 Days) , wiht NEGATIVE results .
1. Regadless of the risk is the Viral Load UNDETECTABLE @ 9 days & Above Test NEGATIVE @ 6 Weeks confirming 100 % ?
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Doctors .

Any feedback       ..?
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I've already told you that you do not have HIV.   This is based on your HIV Ag/AB test result.  As to the value of a PCR test over other tests, in general we do not recommend HIV PCR testing for diagnosis is HIV infection for several reasons.  While the PCR is likely to become positive more quickly than other antibody detection tests (i.e. usual blood tests), at the present time the blood tests are becoming more and more sensitive and detecting infection earlier and earlier so that the time difference in detection between PCR test and antibody detection tests is becoming smaller and smaller and at present is, in general only a week or two.  In addition the time course over which the PCR tests become positive is less well described than for the blood tests and, as a result, it is difficult to make a definitive statement on what a negative PCR test means at any time within a few weeks of exposure to a HIV infected or possibly infected partner.

Nothing more to say. EWH
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Many thanks Doctor .

Now i can became to direct sexctual relation with my wife that is free from HIV , without any precausions ?
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There is no reason for you to be concerned about the exposure you asked about and therefore no reason to worry about unprotected contact with your wife.

This is the last answer. Further questions will be deleted without comment. EWH
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Many thanks Doctors you your Patien , Helpfull & Proffisional Efforts .


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