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Estimation of risk

hello doctor,

i visited a strip club and a lap dancer performed a dance for me totally naked.Then she pulled out my genitals and rubbed her private area for seconds in my naked genitals without inserting.Then she gave me a handjob.Do you think i put myself at risk from this incident?

thanks a lot
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There is no risk of HIV from such exposure -- even if the lap dancer had HIV, but she probably didn't.  There might have been some small, theoretical risk of genital herpes or HPV from non-pentrating genital exposure, but too low to worry about, especially with such brief exposure.  Hand jobs don't transmit HIV or any STD, ever.

Don't worry about it.  You're not at risk for anything.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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This was the exact same thing i basically wanted to ask you on my other post. girl rubbed her vagina for less than a minute and there was no inserting whatso ever.

So based off what you told this gentleman, i shall use the same advice.
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