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Ex boyfriend confirmed he's HIV+.....


Please advise me... this is my WORST nightmare come true!! I'm sure you know my story, I won't repeat it... But I need a Doc's advise.

1. I tested NEGATIVE 4 months after my last uprotected sex exposure to him
2. i did get a razor blade cut, on a razor he probably cut himself on 12 days prior.
3. Do i need to re test at the 6 month mark, especially now  that i know he's in fact +?
4. Who are those cases that turn positive at 6 months? I hear it's very, very rare but is there something these cases all had in common?

Please give me your expertise advise in what you think I should do...

Thank you.
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This is your third new thread, asking variations on the same questions.  The replies are the same.  You didn't catch HIV.  With modern HIV testing, nobody ever turns positive at 6 months.  You need to work to come to a point where you can trust the test results and trust the providers who have advised you.  Please direct any further questions to them.  It sound like you should also ask about the possible value of referral for professional counseling, since you're obviously having trouble with the emotional aspects of all this.  I suggest it out of compassion, not criticism.

This forum has nothing more to offer you.  There is a MedHelp rule about a maximum of 2 new questions in the moderated forums every 6 months, in order to preserve space for other questions, since only a limited number of new threads can be accepted.  We will have to delete any further questions from you, without response (and without refund of the fee).  You are free to continue the discussions you have had on the HIV community forum.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Thank you very much. I understand and respect the rules of this forum and i will no longer posts any threads.
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