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Fever after exposure

Over a month ago I had an condom protected exposure with a street prostitute in Las Vegas. During sex she used lubrication whenever we changed positions. Condom didn’t break, but it didn’t cover the whole penis,  but I suppose it did cover more than half. 2 days before this exposure I had a small cut on penis while triming at the bottom end of penis. I would say it was not completely healed,  as i was able to remover some skin  from this cut a day after exposure.  Exactly 12 days later of this exposure I had fever that lasted for 2 days, I would say little less that 2 days. This fever went upto 103. I did feel very slight sore throat. No other symptoms. My questions are

1) Did I had any risk from the above exposure (may be because of the cut)
2) I am worried about the time line of the fever, but is the duration too short? can ars symptoms duration be 2 days only.

I did opt for viral load test through private md labs after 30 days and still waiting for results, it will have antibody test along with it. Hopefully if everything stays fine should go for more testing.

Also after sex this girl gave me a towel I am being paranoid and thinking she might have cleaned her vagina and then gave this towel to clean my penis,  will this of any risk.

Sir your help is greatly appreciated, as I am going through a big depression at the moment.

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Welcome to our Forum. I am confident that your viral load test will be negative, just as I am confident that you did not get HIV from the exposure that you describe.  Condom protected sex is safe sex, even when the condom does not cover the entire the penis and even if you had a small, healing cut on your penis at the time.  Similarly, I can assure you that HIV is not transferred on recently used towels, even if the scenario that you described did occur.  

As for your symptoms, this is a coincidence.  Please remember that your exposure was virtually no risk and that less than half of people who get HIV get the ARS AND that for every cases of ARS that occurs, the same sorts of symptoms occur on literally hundreds of occasions due to community acquired, non-STD/HIV viral illnesses.  You really have nothing to worry about.  There is no need for you to have further testing.  I hope my comments help you to resist the temptation to pursue further unnecessary testing.   EWH
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Only thing that worries me is the fever timeline, i wont bother u anymore untill i get those results, and will let you know about those. only thing that makes me feel calm is that the duration of fever was quite short. If this would have been ars, would the fever have been  for longer period. And thanks alot for helping me
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i got those results and they were negative......but i feel always tired, do i need any further testing.
results are written as

HIV  1/0/2              <1.00                     02
Index Value: Specimen reactivity relative to the negative cutoff.
HIV 1/0/2                  Non Reactive       02

Hope these tests were done in proper way,
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The results are negative, as predicted.  You do not need further testing since you did not need testing to start with. EWH
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