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Genital hand to genital exp

Hi Doc Have been reading your work for the last while.  I know everybody say it is no risk but there are some things that really bother me.  This happened in Germany and tested in Canada.

End of March 2008
Stripper who fingered herself deep and then put her hand down my pants and touched my genital and may have touched my anus don't think any insertive.  Drank a lot of vodka redbull/
-1st to 2nd week,  unbearable fatigue, painful urination,  kidney sensations,  dry mouth, Muscle weakness,  mild sore thoat,  mucus in back of throat which I now think is post nasal drip,
-tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea negative also tested for mono neg
-8 week negative hiv and anotther mono test neg
-August was told I had a enlarged spleen at 13 cm
-December was told that I tested positve for doping but have never done anything.  Later said I had a higher level than normal Testosterone to Epitestosterone level.  They said sometime this is because of a illness.
-Canker sore in the mouth.
-Wife started having dryness around her Vagina thought to maybe be psorasis.  Not a yeast infection.
-Sweaty scotum
-Lymph node under arms and in Genital area aching
-Dryness of the eyes
-Ear ache for the last 5 months

Canadian testing?
Chance of testing positve at 8 weeks if it was ARS?
Enlarged  pleen at 13cm?
Testosterone to Epitestosterone higher than normal but not considered doping?
Wife has dryness and itchy around her vagina?
I read that aniety can cause these testosterone differences?PTSD?
Irregular sweaty scrotum?
Muscle twitching all over my body?
Lymph node aches?

Could this have been cause by a bladder infection from drinking so much and then the rest anxiety?

Lets just say over this time I have had unbearable anxiety off and on.  I have kids and a wife!!!

My higher level of testosterone test and my wife dry vagina and anus area gives me  major stress.

Thank you for your work you do it has helped me deal.
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I agree with those who you have asked before me- None of what you mention suggests HIV to me in any way.  You did not penetrate her in any way and your exposure to her secretions was minimal.  Thus this exposure is within the realm of masturbation which is safe sex.  No risk to you for acquisition of HIV or any other STD.  Please realize that in the course of masturbation miniscule amounts of genital secretions are inadvertently shared between partners, nonetheless there are no HIV transmissions which have occurred in this way, not ever.

Testing in Canada is accurate and reliable.
If you had HIV, you would have had a positive test at 8 weeks.
Enlargement of your spleen could be due to many other things but in your case is not due to HIV.
I have no idea about your testosterone/epitestosterone levels.  This is not part of HIV.  You should discuss with an endocrinologist, not on infectious diseases specialist.
Your wife's symptoms (vaginal itchiness, dryness, like your own (including your sweaty scrotum) are non-specific and do not suggest HIV.
Regarding anxiety/testosterone -again, ask an endocrinologist.  This is not HIV although I do agree that you are anxious.
Other symptoms - anxiety, non-specific, not HIV.

This is not related to a bladder infection.

You should see an endocrinologist or general internist to discuss your concerns.  This is not HIV.  They can tell you of there is additional testing/evaluation that should be done for some sort of non-HIV problem.  EWH
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I am back for one quick question.  Got test results back and all were Negative except for my Hepititis B said I had the infection sometime but now have antibodies against it. I don't remember getting this or getting shots for it but I may have.  
Just wondering if what I described in my post would have been Hep B?
Would I have got sick that fast?

Thanks again for all you do with this site.  All the people involved helped me out so much over the last 13 months.  I felt like this was my only place to go to talk.
Thanks again
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The illness you describe does not suggest acute hepatitis B.  I think that you can assume that you got it at some time in the past and recovered.  EWH
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Last question there will be no others.

Could it have been fulminant hepatitis B?

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Final Answer - no.  Time for you to stop worrying and move on.  EWH
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A related discussion, dryness of genital area was started.
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