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Getting risk with a hiv positive person.

Is handjob even a risk for transmitt hiv?  I read in many colum that getting hiv from a handjob even with cut nor cut is zero risk, so does that mean handjob is not consider a risk for hiv or std?

My boyfriend is hiv positive and we been trying to experience some kind of sex play and from what i read from the site i guess handjob is consider safe sex with my boyfriend.

My question is really simple:  

Do i need testing if my only risk is getting a handjob from a hiv positive person 2 times, one time my sperm comes out, while the second time being scare from different internet story, he just basically touch me one time and i told him to stop and masturbate myself?

Is handjob even a risk for transmitt hiv?

Is handjob really safe from a hiv positive person giving to a hiv negative person?

From the forum i read, is handjob no different from touching a person such as massage, holding hand... etc?
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Let me start by congratulating you for your sensitivity and understanding.  Getting sexually involved with an HIV infected person, especially in a committed and romantic relationship, is a difficult choice and indicates you are a caring, sensitive person.  Your partner is a lucky guy.  Also congratulations for a common sense approach, i.e. for seeking advice about protecting yourself against HIV.

However, PLEASE do not rely only on this forum for the information and knowledge you need.  It is crucial that you see a counselor in person and/or have a personal discussion with both your partner and the doctor or clinic who provides his health care.

To your questions:  No, it is not possible to catch HIV by hand job. (OK, I suppose it would be possible in very special circumstances. For example, avoid contact with your partner's semen or blood if you have a fresh, open wound on your hand.  But HIV transmission by hand-genital contact has ever been reported in the medical literature.)

As the regular partner of a person with HIV, getting tested for HIV from time to time makes sense.  However, if you limit your contact to hand jobs, there is no risk.  If you move to vaginal or anal sex, of course condom use will be crucial.

I hope this helps.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Sorry, one last question:  i test hiv negative at 5 weeks time after the first epsiode, how reliable is 5 weeks?
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The vast majority of newly infected people have positive tests by 5 weeks.  Your negative result means that almost certainly you were not infected.
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Thank You for the answer doctor, i will make sure i will not have any fresh wound on my hand before giving him a handjob and always being protective when experiencing other activity.  How about for a person receiving?  I read in many site that the penis foreskin and the head of the penis is consider mucous membrane and that blood can SINK IN, is this true?  
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