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Going on 12 Weeks Post and Still Symptoms

Dr thanks for your work. I had two exposure where i gave oral sex to a guy. one with cum one with precum. I had a sore in my mouth where I bit the inside my cheek. I have lost 12 lbs, lost appitite had flu like symptoms 2 weeks after the 1st exposure. Girlfiend had flue symptoms week after me, I took a hiv antibody test at 49 days and 21 days post Negative. Took a DNA RT PCR hiv test and antibody  2 weeks later ( 63 days and 34 days) Negative, I took rappid test just under 9 weeks post 2nd exposure, Neg.My symptoms are black spots on skin legs and other places, foliculitus on back, sore throat, white tounge, diahrehha ever few days, take amodium its ok for while. Now I have a 4-5mm redish spot on tounge. I am going on my 12th week 2nd exposure and still feeling sick and getting symptoms. My girlfriend has got brown spots on legs and get some on her hands and neck. she also has these 2 redish pinksh blothhes on her arm 4 mm. Is it possable to be getting all these things so soon after getting infected? The gal that did the rappid test didnt fill the tip all way like directions show online. So I question how accurate that test was. My symptoms have been no appatit, lost 12 lbs, stomach makes noise, sore throat lasting over a month and half, foliculitus on mack, black spots on legs, redish spot on tongue. Its been going on 12 weeks and ever other day something else pops up.  What do you think. Thanks for your help I am going crazy.  
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Welcome to the forum.  Reacting first to the title of your question, before reading anything else:  HIV test results always overrule symptoms, as long as enough time has passed for the test to be positive.  For the HIV antibody tests, that time is rarely more than 6 weeks, although it may rarely take 12 weeks.  So if you have had a negative HIV test at 12 weeks or more after onset of symptoms (or after your last possible exposure), it proves that you don't have HIV -- regardless of whatever symptoms you may haven, no matter how typical for HIV.

Now I have read the rest.  I also glanced at a few of your questions and replies on the HIV and herpes community forum.

You not only have had antibody tests, but also a PCR test.  It is simply impossible to have those test results, at the times you had them, and still have HIV.  The HIV tests are pretty much foolproof -- so much so that someday they may be availalble for self-testing at home, i.e. without any professional training.  The results are reliable, including the rapid antibody test result.

As for your symptoms, they really are not at all typical for a new HIV infection.  You dont say whether you have been professionally examined and, if so, what the doctor or clinic said. Whatever is going on, however, it isn't HIV, and it doesn't sound like any other STD.  Still, with unprotected oral sex on another man, it would be wise for you to be tested for common STDs, in addition to the HIV tests you have had.  You can take care of that the same time your symptoms are checked out.

Feel free to return with a follow-up comment to let me know what is found after you have obtained clinical care.  In the meantime, you can relax about HIV.  For sure you don't have it.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Thank You Dr forr you fast reply, I was not tested at 12 weeks. I said It is now 12 weeks my last test was  the rappid test at 2 days less than 9 weeks. However the person that tested me didnt fill the little nipplle part of the test viel all the way. she only filled it 3/4 way up.. I searched the web and watched a video for the Clearvieww Complete HIV 1 2 test. It shows them filling it all the way. Thats why I am unsure of the results.
I have been to my GP several times and a infectus diaese Dr who said nothing he sees on me looks like hiv and theres 3 test show neg. But still inside window period. and he didnt even recomend more testing. Perhaps he doesnt deal with many HIV people. I live in a area of mostly retirees and older folks like myself I am 58. Now we all know that hiv cant be seen right? So I dont get what e was saying. I asked him are these symptoms show this early and he said no much later on not this early. My Gp looked at the pimples on my back and said was foliculitus and that foliculitas has nothing to do with HIV. But when I looked it up on Mayo Clinic is says that one type of foliculitis is in HIV.
I also showed the black spots to the dermotologest and he said there nothing. The next day I called him and told him that he didnt understand that they all poped up just recently. He said well when you want you can come back and we can do a biopsy to see what they are. So I am just running in circles from DR to Dr. One Dr sends me to another. The thing is my gf started getting brown spots on her body lately too and shes had a bad dry cough since Jan 1. Although she take blood pressurre meds and we know dry cough is side affect. But it seems worse now than ever before. She also has 2 redish purplish kinda blotches on her forearms.
Today while brushing m teeth I noticed the 3-4 mm red spot in middle of my tongue and now theres another little one too. Also the back of my throat has been red for a very long time. I was wondering if I got strep? would strep cause red spots on tongue?
Could my dam c4 count have gotten that low so fast to cause these issues?
Sorry for the long explanation but I apprieciate your time and respect your opinion. Thank You again
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Dr right now the big red spot and smaller on on tongue has me freaked out. I am eating plain yogart to try fight off any thrush or fungus or canditia. I dont know been reading too much. Thank You again
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Sorry I misunderstood the timing.  But the negative rapid test at 9 weeks, all by itself, is proof you don't have HIV; and you also had at least one PCR test, which also is proof.  Here is a thread that discusses the time to reliable HIV antibody test results:    http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/-A-Question-on-Testing/show/1347755

On this forum we don't speculate about causes of symptoms other than HIV -- and since you don't have that, I won't go any further.  You'll just have to continue to work with your doctors.  You should not expect to define the cause of your symptoms by online searching, on MedHelp or anywhere else.

Good luck.
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Thank you for your reasurence. But would someone + show spots on tongue at 12 weeks? And brown and black spots on skin? I cant get these thoughts out of my head. It just seems I have had almost every symptom they post. I also noticed alot of contrversey over the dna pcr vs the dna rna tests and the reliability. I have read many times that you indorse them. But Teak doesnt. I just dont kow whats going on with my body since Jan 1. Thank You Much
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Please reread my replies above and pay close attention.  It is pointless to ask again if your symptoms are consistent with HIV.  Your test results PROVE that they are not and I'm not going to keep repeating myself.

Of course you have most symptoms listed for HIV.  If you look at those lists, you'll see that most symptoms of almost any infection are there.  Colds, flu, mononucleosis, pneumonia, gastroenteritis, and at least 100 other conditions.  That's why symptom lists for HIV are useless.  Even among people with high risk exposures -- which you did not have, since oral sex almost never transmits HIV -- most people with those symptoms don't have HIV.

So mellow out, believe the test results, stop re-asking the same questions, and trust the science.  I also don't know "what is going on with [your] body".  But it isn't HIV and it is probably nothing serious.
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