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I had protected sex with a girl about a month and a half ago for only about 5 miniutes. The day after it seemed like i had some irritation on my thighs i didnt think much of it. Im very atheletic so i suspect it may be jock itch or something like that. About a month later i noticed a light pinkish rash around my mouth, it dosnt look like hiv rash at all, its not raised and not too noticable. there are not pimples on it and it dosnt itch at all. I think it may be an allergic reaction to something im eating but i dont know. Then about a few days ago i got a sore throut but that only lasted a day not i have a sinus infetion. I dont have a fever, or swollen lymphnodes. I am also on antivirals because i have hsv 1. I guess my question is, what risk am i for contracing HIV and if i were to have symtoms would the anti virals make them less severe. im just worried
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I'll start my reply with congratulations to you and your partner for responsible sex, i.e. using a condom.  That's good news, both in terms of your general approach to sexual health and because it protected both of you from most STDs.

As for HIV:  First, it is difficult to imagine your partner has it.  You don't say anything about you or her risks, like other partners, past STD, or drug use, but she is young enough to be living home without privacy (with her dad crasing the party).  HIV is extremely rare in teens in the US and other industrialized countries.  My opinion could change if she uses drugs by injection or has other very high behaviors, but even then HIV would be unlikely.

Second, you used a condom.  Even if she had HIV, you were protected and there was no significant risk of transmission.

Finally, your symptoms do not suggest a new HIV infection.  Being on an anti-herpetic drug makes no difference.

Although HIV isn't a risk, there is a good chance you or she is carrying chlamydia, the most important of all STDs in sexually active young people (teens, twenties), and you should have routine testing for chlamydia and other common STDs from time to time.  You couldn't have caught chlamydia from this exposure (because of the condom), but still this probably is a good time for both you and she to be tested while it's on your mind.  If you do that, the clinic might recommend HIV testing as well -- but you aren't at risk for it from the exposure described here.

I hope this helps.  Keep up the safe sex!  HHH, MD
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