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HIV Anxiety

Hello Doc. Visited a famous strip bar in London on 18Jan where I met two women, hired by the bar. We chatted sitting very close and they stripped for me. There was considerable touching and hand holding:
1.One of the women claimed working in porn.
2.No direct touching of genitals but the women might have rubbed their fingers on vaginas briefly and touched my lips, hands, chest, cheeks.
3.No kissing and no direct sexual contact involved though I touched their other body parts
4.I remember that a drop of the woman's saliva (one from porn) flew on my face. There may have been more drops of saliva due to proximity
5.The nude women sat on my lap a few times but I was fully clad (jeans with underwear). They might have rubbed their vaginas on my jeans briefly.
6.Bit of precum inside my underwear but unsure if it dampened my jeans. Worried if they rubbed their vaginas on the dampness.
-39 days later, got tested for HIV for visa in a Gulf country. My result a day later said that I am 'free from infectious diseases'.
-sore throat 7 wks 3 days from 18 Jan (my children had it prior). It settled within 5 days due to 6 day Azithromycin & Brufen.
-Post sore throat, developed pimple like non itchy rash on chest appearing in evenings and drying off by mornings.  Since yesterday the rash has increased with slight burning sensation.
-Post sore throat, noticed slightly enlarged lymph nodes below ears, back of the neck and small cyst like formation below left ribs towards back. I do have a history of cysts.

I visited the health centre where I was tested and a worker told me in broken english that they conduct Elisa P24. Later he said "only antibodies" but then said "only Elisa P24 Antigens". I was confused & asked if he means western blot, to which he said "No, only if we see something we send blood to lab for western blot antibodies". Asked him again and he said "elisa P25" (mentioned P24 earlier). What are the possibilities for the tests conducted and window periods?
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Welcome to the Forum.  I'll be happy to comment.  With all due respect, your question suggests a bit of a misunderstanding regarding how HIV and other STDs are transmitted.  These infections are transmitted ONLY by sexual contact or, in the case of infections also transmitted by blood, by introduction of infected material DEEP into tissues, as might happen with a contaminated needle.  HIV is not EVER transmitted by contact with spit or saliva, by touching with the hands, through clothing (even when  the clothing might get damp with genital secretions.  thus NONE of the activities you describe have ANY risk for HIV even if one of these women had HIV (and this is unlikely).

AQs you point out, your sore throat is likely a coincidental infection from your kids or that you caught in your activities of daily living, not a manifestation of early HIV.

It is hard to tell what sort of test you had for HIV but you do not need testing to start with.  Thus any negative result is only additional, confirmatory support for what I have already said- no risk.

I hope these answers are helpful.  Window periods are irrelevant.  You really do not need further testing.  EWH
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You never had an exposure.
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Many thanks Dr Edward for your expert opinion. My apologies for raising these final points to close this. I have listed my questions below:

Am I correct in understanding that there is ZERO risk in relation to points 2 and 6 in my original post - i.e. vaginal secretions on my hands, lips, body etc. AND direct vaginal contact on damp jeans?

I am mainly concerned with the recurring rash and lymph nodes as per my original post. Are you able to kindly guide me on these?

As I understand "Elisa P24" automatically imply a duo antigen and antibody test? And if so, is the window period 28 days for that?

Is it really possible to just test antigens using Elisa P24 and what is the window period for that? Likewise, is it possible to just test for antibodies using Elisa P24 and what's the window period there?

If there was a test conducted before the end of the window period, what is the general likelihood of testing false negative (to be tested positive at the end of window period)?

Many thanks
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You understood my comment about no risk.  I will not repeat it.  

There are many possible causes of a rash and lymph node swelling.  If you wish to learn what might be causing it, you should be seen by an experienced physician such as an internal medicine specialist.  HIV from the events you describe is not a concern.  

There are tests which test only for the p24 antigen.  It sounds like neither you nor the person you spoke with clearly understood what test was done.  I will not comment further unless you really know what sort of test you had.  EWH
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Hello Doctor. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

Being a married man with two little children, I have been unable shake the fear. This has been compounded with these symptoms as I described. Just last night I was sweating terribly and had nightmares related to HIV.

My intention was just to check the possibilities of the kind of HIV testing based on what was told.

I have been avoiding sex with my wife and wanted to check if I can really move on with my regular sex life and more importantly my work, which has been terribly effected too?

Thanks again doctor.
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Of course you can move on and have no reason to avoid sex with your wife related to the events you described.  EWH
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