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your opinion will matter to me as I am going though marriage issue and i need to know if it is ok to proceed or should i back up to protect my furture wife .I'm 31 y/o male,hetersexual,had mutiple sexual encounters with 19 y/ogirl from France over 4 days .half of these were unprotected vaginal and oral . I found out that this girl had HPV,which raised the issue of suspicion of other STDs, This was on a trip to the red sea , upon questioning the girl she told me that she had some previous sexual partners, was tested for HIV 1 ,2 months prior to and 2 weeks after exposure and she was negative. out of anxiety i did HIV tests at 2,4,6,8 weeks and it was -ve , but this was in the red sea region which i assume it is not that accuarte in diagnosis, i went to the US and had micro elisa test at almost 11 weeks and it was -ve as well as other STDs in questdiagnostic.Currently I am in New Zealnd and i did an antibody test at 102 days( on 26th of Feb 2007) post exposure and it was -ve too.
- should i be relaxed now, or should i still folow up with this girl tests results to make sure that she is -ve,to make sure that there was no risk though this exposure.
- If this girl turned out on subsequent tests later to  be HIV positive , and i tested -ve at 102 days , would that be conclusive?
- last question , is it correct that if 2 persons are -ve at the same time , it is a low possibilty that both in window period and thus you can exclude HIV transmission.
-How is NEw Zealand level of lab medicine, do they use the standard modern techniques.
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A negative HIV test 3 months after the last possible exposure is 100% reliable.  Your negative test result proves you cannot have HIV.  Also, the proportion of French women with HIV is extremely low.

By the way, having HPV does not predict other STDs; that is, the risk of STD is exactly the same in people who have or have not had HPV.  That's because everybody gets HPV, since it is a normal and expected part of being sexually active (and given your lifestyle, undoubtedly you have been infected with HPV, probably more than once).

New Zealand is a medically sophisticated country in all respects; you can be sure they use the latest HIV testing methods. But even the oldest HIV tests developed 20+ years ago were always positive within 3 months, so it's not an issue one way or the other.  Also, most NZ metropolitan areas have excellent genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics. If in doubt and seeking expert advice, visit a GUM clinic for excellent care and advice.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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I am sorry but I mean by 2nd question if she turned out to be positive later on (which means she was in the window period at time of exposure), does this affect my 11weeks and 102 days -ve tests and necessitates another testing.?
Thank you and appreciate your reply
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Dude, what do you think he's going to say? "Yes, youknowihaveit, it's true that I did say that someone who develops ARS symptoms will always test positive within two weeks. But you know what, I woke up this morning and realized that all my years of medical research and clinical experience are a load of ****, so I now think that even though you tested negative 3 weeks after symptoms, my statement of 2 weeks no longer applies to you. I obviously know nothing about HIV, so I guess I'm just going to quit my job here at the University of Washington and go be the team masseuse for the Seahawks."

Come on dude.
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You have been warned repeatedly.  You are about to be permanently blocked from participation on the MedHelp forums.
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I had to delete some not-so-cute sexist comments.  Lay off that stuff.
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Thank you Dr. For reassurance :

I meant by HPV , that she might have been into uprotected sexual experience especially that the condylomata is intravaginal and she she required laser ablation after imiquimod cream.

I am with you that proportion of french women with HIV is low , but she was working in one  of the not well reputable resorts in red sea which is famous for sexual activity.

I developed a a small red flesh area at one side of the penis 4 weeks after exposure which i believe was genital warts which has been cleared within a week, I hope i have cleared that infection , what is your opinion.

Thank you again and wish to hear from you soon
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You got quite a detailed medical history!  Do you ask all your partners all those questions?

A red, fleshy lesion does not sound like a wart, and warts would not clear up in a week.  But see a health care provider if anything abnormal is persisting or if something reappears.
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I knew you would know it Dr. I am a medical doctor who was working in a sexual  health clinic an area where HIV and HPV had very low preveleance that's why i wanted your expertise.That's why you may find that my question was sorted out in a form of medical history.

The girl had a file within the clinic i was wroking in that's why i got an acess to her pre and post exposure HIV tests and she was doing an operation there in this medical facilty which required serology testing.

Actually Dr. i had limited sexual partners in the past  due to cutlural reasons, and this is was the only mistake i did and i learnt from it .

I think 3 months of extreme anxiety with all its sympotms were a good punishment for me .
My last question for your Dr.HHH, I promise it is the last :
Even if this lady turned out to be positive , my test at 102 days means i didn't catch the infection from her , right. I hope you clarify this point for me promisisng am not be poting again here.
than you and wish you all the best
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You are a physician and accessed the medical records of a personal acquaintance, who is not your patient??? A sex partner?? In an STD clinic where you work???

That is not only unethical, but illegal, at least in the US--where that action would result in a fine of $5,000 or more. You are an embarrassment to the medical profession. I want you to contact your partner immediately and tell her what you have done, and apologize to her.

Do not post any follow-up comments or replies, even an apology. I am too angry to respond.

Normally I do not permit follow-up comments off the main theme of the original questions. But in this case, I welcome comments from other forum readers.

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Indeed it wasn't at all clear that your partner was also your patient and that she knew you were looking at her medical records.  On that basis, I do apologize.  But the question remains why, as a physician with your own STD expertise and knowldge, you even started this thread.  The whole situation seemed more compatible with my assumption than with the apparent facts.

Apologies again.  But I'm going to close this thread and not accept any more comments; too distracting from the main educational purpose of this forum.

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Hi Dr:

I don't know why u assumed that , everyting was done upon her approval and she is the one who requested disclosure of these results by a written cosent for me to send it to her overseas and also for consultation , morover , I am the one who referred her to the clinic and am the one who get her results to consult her ,Otherwise , i couldn't get that information. Also she was a patient of mine prior to that , SO it is both perosnal and professional relation.

I don't know why u went so far in your judgement and conclusions. I think I am the one who needs an apology from you , Maybe i didn't make it clear for you in my presvious message but u shouldn't have assumened bad intention or malpractice.

I hope it is clear for you now
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