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HIV Negative

I know this is a stupid question especially after having read some of the previous posts but here goes anyway.  I had a possible exposure a couple of years ago and have recently had three different hiv antibody tests done.  All were negative.  Two were at one lab while the third was at another. Is it possible that three tests can be wrong or maybe not pick up on an infection from that long ago? I have read where there are various strains.  Do these tests test for all strains and how common are some of these stranes?  I have just talked wth a counselor and she has told me that fear of hiv is a pretty common fear but I suppose I am just looking for a little confirmation until I get to her office and can sort this mess out.
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Welcome to our forum.  Your concern is one that we hear frequently on this Forum, in particular from persons who have been searching the internet on this topic.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of erroneous information which is all too readily available on the internet.

If your HIV tests were taken more than 8 weeks after your exposure, you should have complete confidence in the result.  In North America the production and conduct of these tests is very tightly standardized and regulated so that a person should have virtually complete confidence in any single test result and if you have had three tests performed at two different labs, your results are absolutely reliable.  

Putyour fears aside, there really is no reason for you or any other normal/average person to worry.  EWH
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