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HIV Rash?

Hi Doctor,

I am worried about a rash that started to show up yesterday 2/25. The rash itches a little but if stimulated, it can also itch a lot, especially at night. It consists of small red raised dots all over my biceps, face, forehead and some parts of my chest and back and top of my feet. In some places the rash looks like a line. My hands and face feel hot and as if needles are being pushed in. No sore throat, no body aches, no swollen glands no fever, no night sweats.
I received protected oral sex from a black prostitute a month ago. I also had protected sex with a prostitute 2 months ago. Not sure if this is an HIV rash?

However, I did move into a new place where there are a lot of dogs,  I have been eating uncooked foods, giant mushrooms and very spicy Habanero peppers and spicy sauces, as well as, have an extreme level of anxiety and stress. I also jumped in a freezing cold swimming pool on Saturday 2/21 which was a very bad experience, I m thinking this is cold Urticaria from the cold water or allergies. Doctor I am worried this could be an HIV rash, what does that rash look like and feel like exactly, should I be worried?

Note that I have had these skin issues before due to stress, drinking and bad food called dishydrosis, but never to this extent. Also I have posted on this site before, just forgot the username, thank you for the advise always.

Thank you
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Wlecome to the forum.

There is never a single symptom of a new HIV infection.  The acute retroviral syndrome (ARS) usually includes various combinations of sore throat, fever, skin rash, lymph node inflammation/enlargement, and sometimes other symptoms. But it would never include only one of these.  In other words, acute HIV would never cause rash alone, without other symptoms.  Also, the rash of ARS doesn't itch.

An itchy rash often is due to allergy, and it sounds like you have a lot of potential factors that could trigger allergic rashes.  I won't try to guess which of them might be the explanation in this case.  But I'm confident your rash isn't due to HIV.  If it continues or you otherwise remain concerned, see a doctor about it.  But don't worry about HIV.

Regards-- HHH, MD
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Thank you doctor.
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Well Doctor, you were right, it was an bad allergic reaction,  cleared up in a few days.

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Glad to hear it.  No more HIV worries.  Take care.
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