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HIV Risk/Enlarged Supraclavicular Node


You already may know my history because I have posted several times but if not. I had unprotected sex with a man without a condom while on my menstrual cycle. I had three negative ORAL swab hiv tests (1 1/2 years after encounter) and now have 3 inflamed supraclavicular nodes on the right side only. This was verified via CT scan with contrast and my doctor. No other nodes are swollen anywhere else and the nodes are painful/tender and mobile.

Are my three negative ORAL hiv tests accurate or should HIV still be a concern?
Are HIV related lymph nodes swelling typically localized or general. Is it painful/tender or nonpainful.

My one doctor said that inflamed supraclavicular nodes even on one side is almost always HIV!! So now I am scared out of my mind once again.

Thanks for your opinion.
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I'm sorry, but it is an abuse of your MedHelp privileges to keep asking anxiety driven questions that have been answered -- and that ignore the previous answers.

I'm sure your doctor did not say that a single enlarged unilateral supraclavicular lymph node "is almost always HIV".  You're making that up, or you misuderstood.

You are obviously abnormally obsessed with an exposure event despite repeated, unequivocal proof you weren't infected with HIV.  Your thought processes on this are clearly abnormal, probably indicating an underlying mental health issue.  Professional counseling probably is in order.  This forum is not a substitue for that, and another ongoing discussion undoubtedly will serve primarily to prolong your obsession about this.  Therefore I will have no further comments.  Please do not return again to this forum to ask the same questions about the same exposure.

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