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HIV Risk

I was tested a year ago for all STDs and HIV. Since that time, I had unprotected intercourse with a very long-term boyfriend (although he never ejaculated inside me) and a one-time encounter with another man, which was unprotected for about 10 minutes and he also did not ejaculate inside me. We are all caucasian and I'm confident they don't have risk factors like drug use or bisexuality or have many partners ( five or less in lifetime). However, in May I got genital warts. There were only 2 and both have responded to treatment. I have not had any sexual encounters since May. At the time, my doctor did not suggest I be tested for HIV, but I've become increasingly anxious about it. I do plan to get tested, but a few questions:

I haven't noticed the ARS symptoms, but in June I did get a small quarter sized patch of flesh-colored rough skin under my chin that has stayed there since. It felt like goosebumps at first but has become somewhat less pronounced over time and just feels rougher than surrounding skin. Could this be related to HIV? Would symptoms remain at this stage? (Six months after exposure?)

I have read that in North America the chances are low for heterosexual to hetersexual to hetersexual transmission (that they acquired it heterosexually and passed it on to me.) Is this true? How many cases have you seen of this happening?

What do you think my risk is?

Thank you for your help.
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Your risk is about as low as it can be for a person who has had unprotected sex with two partners- very, very low.  As you point out HIV infection is rare in heterosexual men and women in North America.  In addition, in the very unlikely situation that one of your partners has HIV, your risk of HIV per vaginal sex act is only 1 in 1000 exposures.  

AS for your symptoms, the skin irregularity under your skin does not suggest HIV in any way (or any other STD for that matter).  As far as what it might be, I cannot say and would advice you checking it out with a health care professional, perhaps a dermatologist. In doing so however, I would not worry at all about HIV.

Because you describe unprotected sex with 2 partners I would recommend that you qualify for periodic STD and HIV "screening" (testing in the absence of symptoms) because you have had multiple partners over a period of less than a year.  As a matter of personal protection, we recommend annual testing for anyone who has had two or more sex partners in the past year (we consider this to be health maintenance- we also recommend you get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly).

Hope this helps.  EWH
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