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HIV Scare, same story, different questions

Dr. H,

This site is wonderful for information/moral support even though that is not the intent. Thanks for all you do.  
I got drunk/had sex with a pro on 18 July, just vaginal.  During sex, the condom broke.  She removed it/put another on/we continued.  I pulled out, removed the condom, and came on the bed.  I was inside her with the broken condom < 1 minute.  
I will not ask the same questions concerning my risk.  I know my experience is unprotected vaginal sex.  Although symptoms are not an accurate assessment of HIV infection, please hear mine out as they relate to questions.  Within hours of the sex I felt a stinging inside my urethra.  This was the only symptom I had for 11 days.  Not really painful, just annoying.  Urination aggravated it slightly.  11 days after, I felt an ache in my groin area and my testicles were sensitive and hung very low.  Over the next few days, I began to have frequent urination.  I was urinating every 20 min. or so.  14 days after the incident I went to the doc and he said it sounded like gon. or Chlam. / ordered a urinalysis / did a urethral swab.  Urinalysis was clean and gon./Chlam. tests were -.  I was taking doxy for malaria prevention prior to sex and was still taking it at time of appt.  Doc said could have been Chlam. but the doxy would have cleared it up and didn
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As you seem to know, symptoms never are a valid indicator of new HIV infection, especially in low risk setting like yours.  Your symptoms are no different.

1) The absence of the classical symptoms you describe is slight reassurance, but only slight, since many HIV infected people are entirely asymptomatic.

2) No, frequent urination is not a symptom of ARS.

3) That scenario doesn't strike me as something that would significantly increase risk, but who knows?  There are no data on this sort of thing.

4) There are no data to suggest that HIV risk for men with penile HIV exposure is either greater or lower with or without ejaculation.

All in all, your risk from the exposure you describe is astronomically low, not high enough for HIV testing.  But sexually active people ought to be tested once a year, so if you haven't been tested recently, perhaps this is a good time to do it, if having a negative result will help ease your mind.

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First of all, congratulations on using a condom!!!!

That stated, I am not the doctor, but I have seen enough of his posts and researched ARS enough to know that what you are experiencing sounds NOTHING like ARS.  Symptoms really mean NOTHING when it comes to the hiv.  Also, you had a very low risk exposure considering your condom was intact for almost the entire duration.  

The symptoms you describe sound exactly like anxiety and stress.  Even more likely with the absence of a fever and swollen lymph nodes.  Try your best to remain calm and remember to think logically--for the odds are very, very good that you will slip by this time.  Finally, don't check your lymph nodes--trust me! AND keep using those condoms.
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see the difference between this site and another conservative one to which I posted the following question. Now, you tell me, shouldn't I be worried?

Date:  31-Jul-2006  
Question: Dear doc,

I had couple of incidents last month. A KTV hostess and I were involved in French kissing for less than a minute. I was consuming alcohol in between. (does alcohol help as a disinfectant in the mouth?)It's possible she has been kissing other hosts as well. Then I also felt her private parts for a while with my finger inside and immediately washed my fingers with undiluted whisky. On another occasion I have felt the vagina of a Geylang street girl as she masterbated me. I did wash my fingers after that. These are the contacts I had and absolutely no penetration or any other form of intimacy involved. I suffer from anxiety disorder and you can imagine my angst now. I have no past history to declare. Do I need to take a test? Thank you very much
Answer - It has been established that HIV transmission takes place in four ways :

1. Unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner
2. Blood transfusion with contaminated blood and blood products
3. Sharing contaminated syringes and needles
4. From infected mother to child during pregnancy, at birth or through breast

French kissing is not a known mode for HIV transmission. It is only with the presence of bleeding gum or ulcers in both parties that can pose a low risk. There is no known cases that had contracted HIV through kissing only.
STIs such as Herpes(especially herpes type 1-cold sores) can be transmitted through deep, wet kissing. However, STIs are not commonly transmitted through kissing.
Fingering poses a minimal risk if your fingers are with broken skin, however, if it is intact, you are not at risk. The advice is not to come into contact with body fluids(semen, vaginal fluids, blood) from someone of unknown status.

If you wish to go for a HIV blood test, you can do it between 1 to 3 months to allay your fears after the exposure. You can also screen for Syphilis and Hepatitis B.
For a Herpes TSST blood test(available at the DSC Clinic), the window period is 6 weeks after exposure.

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Sounds like a waste of good whisky to me.
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No, I don't see why you're worried. The advice really is no different from here: deep kissing poses no risk of HIV, although possibly a risk of HSV1 (which isn't considered a STD). That response listed four ways HIV is known to be transmitted. Did you actually read that part? Did you do any of those things? Then stop worrying about it. Yes, I know that's easier said than done, so talk to your doctor about medication for your anxiety disorder and ask for a referral to a therapist. Help is available.
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Does anyone know what other sexually transmitted viruses or bacteria have been documented to cause symptoms resembling those of ARS along the same timeframes?  It seems strange that so many people write in noting how they had unprotected sex and a couple of weeks later they started feeling this symptom or that symptom, all on the ARS list.  I fully agree that stress and anxiety can cause physical symptoms, but not all of them all the time.  People going through these symptoms can attest that they are REAL.  The good news is that many of the people posting about unprotected sex and subsequent ARS symptoms end up testing negative.  So again, besides just attributing it to psychosomatic or anxiety related symptoms, what else can cause these types of ailments after sexual encounters?  Knowing that it could be other things would help people's stress levels.  Just hearing your symptoms are caused by anxiety or a respiratory infection you just happened to catch 2 weeks after you had unprotected sex doesn't help people cope any better.  I'm not trying to sound negative, but if other culprits of the symptoms have been documented it would be good to hear, not that being sick period is "good".
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Thanks MF. What scared me was the mention that "fingering carries a minimal risk"..

our doc makes it clear that there are no recorded cases of such transmission with or without any cut.
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