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HIV Symptoms

Dear Doctors
I was in vacation & I had unprotected sex. 4 days later I had a fever which disappeared in 3 days then 6 days of the fever i experounced some slight etching rash in my arms and legs which disappeared in a week. those rashs came back again after 3 weeks then disappeared in a week also. I experounced fatigue and tiredness some times. glinds at my neck sides were hurting a little. also i had 2 times diarrea in those 3 months. the problem is I read a lot about HIV symptoms and I am afraid my brain is playing a game with me.
Are those the right Symptoms? Do the occure in 4 days time? do they repeat ( come more than once) in acuate HIV period ?
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Welcome to Our Forum:

You say little about the date of your exposure or what sort of partner you had sex with so I cannot comment on how these things might influence your risk for HIV.

I can however tell you that trying to judge whether or not you have HIV from symptoms such as those you describe is a waste of time and energy.  In your case the symptoms you describe are not suggestive of the complete ARS syndrome and occurred earlier than would be typical for the ARS which typically occurs at 2-3 weeks following exposure (4 days is too soon).  furthermore, it would be unusual for the rash of HIV to come and go in the way that you describe.

My guess is that your risk of HIV is low. following an encounter of the sort you describe however, it is always a good idea to get tested for common STDs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.  An HIV test performed at 4 weeks following exposure would be expected to detect over 90% of infections and at 8 weeks virtually all infections can be detected.

I hope these comments are helpful to you. EWH
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