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HIV Symptoms?

I have been concerned with possibly contracting hiv. About 1 month ago I had protected intercourse with a sex worker. I understand the risk of contracting hiv from this is next to nothing so I did not plan on getting tested until "symptoms" started to get me a little bit worried. At 2 weeks I had mild, short lasting headaches on and off along with some pain in the back of my eyes and they hurt mildly when I watched tv or was on the computer. after lasting maybe 5 days that has since subsided. Also at 2 weeks I had mild diarrhea for about 3 days which became a black stool. (due to my diet there may be an explanation for this)At 3 weeks I experienced a sore throat that has lasted a few days (so far) and have noticed a few small cuts around the inside of my mouth and when I swallow or burp my ears pop gently.On my inner thigh I had one big spot (that i think is a pimple)that has since turned into a few other red small bumps that resemble small pimples. I am not sure if this is a rash or not. I have had no fever, which is one of the reasons why Im somewhat confident HIV is the cause. I am aware that symptoms are by no means a solid case for HIV but I was wondering if my particual symptoms are alarming enough that a health professional would recommend HIV testing. The symptoms have made me pretty worried. I have also been worried about having sex with my girlfriend which is another reason Im trying to cover all grounds before I move forward. I am hoping that I am merely overreacting?
Thanks so much
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You obvious did only alf your homework on this forum.  You correctly concluded that your risk of HIV, using a condom, was zero.  But you missed the just-as-frequent discussions about symptoms of ARS.  Symptoms of suspected ARS never are reliable indicators of new HIV infection in low risk situations like you describe.  And your symptoms don't sound like HIV anyway.  The only one that comes close is sore throat, and of course that symptom occurs in every human being many times a year.

To answer the only specific question you ask:  By all means yes, you are overreacting.  Badly.  I would not recommend testing at all from a medical or risk-assessment standpoint.  But you should do it (4-6 weeks after the event) to help relieve your anxiety; the negative result will do much more than my reassurance.

No 'yes but' or 'what if' follow-up questions, please.  If you want the perspectives of other forum users, take it over to the HIV Support forum.

Good luck--  HHH, MD

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Hi Greg, I am in the same boat as you mate except a bit more recent(19days ago). I keep having alot of varied symptoms aswell,but as I have been reassured many times on this forum they are probably due to something else,definateley not HIV.I would put guilt and anxiety down as my No.1 reason for these symptoms and I bet it is yours aswell to a certain extent. For peace of mind I have booked in for a DUO test at 28 days and I suggest you do the same, not because you had any risk but just to ease your mind. I am sure the good Doc is going to say, you had no risk and to get on with your life, no test needed, but it won't bother him if you get one at 4-6 weeks for peace of mind !Easier said than done I know.
Good luck, you don't need it ! I am sure everything will pan alright.
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hey greg, none of your symptoms even ressemble hiv symptoms. that said, symptoms are never reliable in diagnosing hiv period. plus,YOU WERE PROTECTED. no chance of getting hiv, even if you had a condom break, the chance of infection with one exposure doesnt happen often, you have a better chance of hitting the lotterry. dont even worry bout hiv.
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No one gets HIV by having protected insertive sex with a women.  If the condom stayed in place, you have ZERO chance of HIV and should not be tested unless a negative test is the only way to clear your head.  Repeat after me:  I used a condom and it was not possible that a acquired HIV....say it in the mirror 10 times!

You're fine.  Go enjoy life.
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I really appreciate your help doctor. And thanks for the reasurring words from the other members. What a big help!
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2 of the red dots on my leg now have a purplish/blackish (similiar to a bruise) spot around it. I was wondering if this "rash" (if it is one) sounds like anything else I should be worried about as far as stds.
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And just what did you think I meant by "No 'yes but' or 'what if' follow-up questions, please. If you want the perspectives of other forum users, take it over to the HIV Support forum."

The answer is no.

This thread is over.
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